There are Sexy Chivers Among Us (81 Photos)

Thanks to our Chivettes and especially our first-time Chivettes! We had so many submissions this week if you don't see your photo below, tune in next week. Our Chivettes have now become a global phenomenon. The Chivettes offer us something we need so badly these days, real beauty. But the 'Sexy Chivers Among Us' is NOTHING without our Chivettes! So if you've got what it takes to be a Sexy Chiver, start submitting your photos for next week as soon as possible.

AWESOME INSTRUCTIONS: Grab your camera (phone) and write 'Hi Chivers' on a sign or some part of your body (be as creative as you like). Then use our handy-dandy upload page to send pics to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com and collect internet fame. Above all: Be Creative! Do it for your country!

Stay tuned for the Friday DAR!

Chive On!


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  • Napoleon C4

    Earlier today you admitted your trollhood. Now you recant? Try consistency.

    • Paula_

      Did you even read what I wrote?

      – the one you love to hate

  • Rick

    #26 A nurse?! I foresee naughty illustrations! Moar plz! Show us moar 😀
    #43 Ok, so don't show us ur face, but do, show us some more 😀 TnA ftw
    #45 That tush can't real… mmmph! Too tastey =)~
    #70 Wrong on so many lvls. M O A R! plz for the love of all that is worthy of our drool lol

    • Jason

      #43 Ftw!

  • TimTebow

    #35 is definitely doing it right

  • RiverMonster

    #26 #24
    Gotta love a sexy nurse! They are so few and far between.
    Mmmmm ballerina

  • Napoleon C4

    Done. Deserves calenDAR.

  • Jp

    #64 and #70 are you serious?! Mmmhhmmm

  • ddc2c

    Chivettes ROCK! You are SO doin' it right! Wait, Chive, did you edit the evidence #6 is a true ginger? #22 #45 #64 & #70 MOOAAARRRR!

  • Church

    "ARE YOU GUYS GAY?" really? grow the fuck up.

  • Terry Burke

    i don't talk about fapping to anything on the chive. i will compliment a beautiful woman. i think the people that do say things like that are idiots. that's not how you talk to a woman

    • Subject

      You are an idiot….no one is talking to a woman, they're talking about a picture.

      • Terry Burke

        still rude

  • DaniiSwe

    happy to see a lot of first timers AND a lot of different countries 🙂

  • DonDon


    goood god women from the balkans are gorgeous!

    Svaka čast kako god da se zoves, bas sam u zadnje vrijeme pratio koliko ljudi generalno sa balkana ima da prati Chive i drago mi je da si ti Chivette 😀

    pozdrav iz Tuzle

  • culpjp

    #6 I need to see MOAR!!!!!!!! YEAH BABY!!!

  • Chris White

    #7 & #9 … Let's move to Utah!

  • Chris White

    #54 – if you're in SoCal…

  • @MrChAndy

    #6 Marry me, marry me, marry me, marry me…

  • Brandon

    As a surgeon, I require the services of #26. STAT. That is all.

  • CudaMan

    #6 put a smile on my face
    #26 hello nurse!
    #28 yes you are doing it right
    #34 I would buy anything you are selling!
    #43 you have no need to hide your eyes!
    #45 dat ass could start or stop a war!
    #56 We want to see the rest of the bikini!

    • CudaMan


    • Jason

      #43 reply doesn't need to, she has beautiful green ones! Just a little bashful

  • sidebob

    #11 love the gap. can we meet?

    • Dylan

      hellz yeah, sideboob! meet me at the circle k in 5 mins. :p

      • Ricky Martin

        lol Dylan nice sense of humor xD

  • Steve

    #80 needs to become a two, three, four, five timer!!!

  • Maaan hold up!!

    #45 At ease, soldier 😉 and #42 Just gorgeous

  • Rangerdanger

    #45 Dat ass!

  • treg91

    would be awesome seeing some chivettes from puerto rico.

  • Clik

    #6 #45 #26


  • DallasMike

    #34 This young lady is f***ing gorgeous! I'm seriously considering moving to Croatia now! — Please, please, let's get a picturial feature of this goddess!

    • Ivana

      Oh thank you for compliments.. 🙂

  • Brian

    #15 – Two works of art: the gorgeous girl and that awesome Joker mural behind her. Find please!

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