Cat Saturday (35 Photos)

  • bob

    #24 my cat does this all the time

  • El_Presidente_

    #34 I can only say this in an Arnold voice

  • livinggeek

    Why isn't it called "Caturday"?

  • Ironhelix

    Cat Saturday's. Good stuff. But hey Chive…How's about a Dog Day Afternoon?

  • vay

    getting shut down on facebook for some reason

  • OBX man

    #27 looks like my kitteh. Its a Bengal. Pretty badass looking cat.

  • MacNCheesePro

    #26 ONCE!

  • Waylon

    #30 Where's the cat?

  • Khaqan Javaid

    One of my favorite posts by the Chive 😀

    *I know this isn't at all relevant of this post but, a friend of mine was shot & killed in a shoot out late saturday night. Please pray for him. Thank you Chivers & Chivettes.

  • Ashley

    where did #8 come from. im pretty sure thats my sister holding our old cat

  • Applee

    Very nice and cute cats. Caturday …. I love cats.

  • ckslick

    #3 my cat does that shit ALL. THE. TIME. and he more so just lays on the entire controller and he's also learned to hit the ps button inthe middle and turning on my my ps3 whenever he wants for no peticular reason

  • kitty

    please allow me to share this amazing pics to my site oopps, already did.
    but i will remove it if you say no. thanks.

  • CaptainWow

    #30 #21 … new weekly post, "Hot Chicks holding kittens"? Anyone?

  • Allenavw

    #1 Sense. This picture makes none.

  • CC101

    Love the kittehs!! ♥ Always full of awesome they are.

  • LuisV009

    #21 If I could wake up to this every morning……

  • Rock_doctor_69

    #30 lovely pair of kittens, and the one in her lap is cute too

  • katastrophe89

    too many cute pictures to post here. i love caturday!!

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