Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (33 Photos)

  • steve

    #4 damn crop tool

  • Nick

    #1 Must find her

    • randy

      kate upton

  • Crimson

    #11 looks like she wandered out of a concentration camp… Definitely Not Hot…. You need glasses or something Holy Crap!!!!!!!

  • Boomer

    #6 Now that's what I get off on kids… I know I'm bad 🙂

  • Dlyan Murphy

    #1 #19 #31 Yep!

  • Paul

    These are a few of my faves but this entire thread is INSANE with hotties.

  • JBand Waht

    i like being 17 i dont have to worry about looking at these pictures like the guys that keep complaining in the comments 'bout jailbait

  • pyrosis

    Find #4, #14, #30, #8, and #32

  • Williemo32

    Got Damn #33 !! I need the same pose, but I’m behind the camera / you and.. My car would be where that one is.. 😀

  • bmwbro

    #32 and #33 made my day. thank you chive.

  • Top 10 Lists

    The top most one and the last one are the best one 🙂

  • kazyctn

    I never understood this category, why does "outdoors" mean "middle of nowhere"?

  • KevinJ

    Oh man, THAT is EPIC!!!!

  • pud3000

    I got stuck on #1 for ten minutes!

  • will

    #8 #9 #10 Not Hot! These girls will be even more ugly when they are older…like in 5 years.
    #21 Cellulite much? Ugh!

    • Oldman

      You don't get to have sex with actual real women much eh?

  • anonymous

    Most of them look like mail order brides…. most of them are sexy non the less

  • Amelia

    Eek. A few misses here today, on the other hand #18 and #20 are just lovely.

  • Yesterday

    SHIT chive, i used to find gitmokw average compared to your other epic posts. but this my friends is epic, i know look forward to gitmokw. Well done

    • will

      Do it once and u can call it a typo…twice, and you're just a damned idiot. gitmokw? The word is Nowhere….not kuh-no-where. gitmonw. I'm hungover, don't take it personal.

  • Mr.Wilson

    #6 Dali's "Figure at a Window" remake?

  • TheBigKahuna

    #4 damn you cropping tool!

  • DeChristo


    Even if she doesn't appreciate the view .. Well, we do.

  • The Bandit

    #32 #33 …as usual the best pics at the end…well done Chive!

  • Rich

    my favorites from this set were definitely #12 & loved #28 pose 🙂

  • Deedoodahday

    i am totally in love with #18 she is the prettiest of the lot!

    who is she?

  • kornerr

    I know a lot of people who dress like these girls for hiking …

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