Behind the scenes Sunday (29 Photos)

  • zoidbert

    Actually, final season should have ended with Steve Carrell walking down towards the plane.

  • Backward Genius

    Silent Bob here's an electrical genius.
    He won the science fair in eighth grade by turning his mom's vibrator into a CD player using some chicken wire and shit.
    The mother fucker's like MacGyver.
    No, the motherfucker's better than MacGyver.

    • ????

      in this world gone mad we won't spank the monkey, the monkey will spank us.

    • Steve

      Jay: Don't just point, you can tell that stupid Amy story whenever you feel like it, say no Jay I disagree or damn those were some good cheese fries.
      Jay: What are you trying to say? Just say it already.
      Silent Bob: [screams] THE SIGN on the back of the car said "Critters Of HOLLYWOOD", YOU DUMB FUCK!
      Jay: Say it, don't spray it.

  • wasd

    anyone know what movie, i wanna say bullitt but i'm probably wrong #15

  • Sweet dreams

    [img ][/img]

    "You want to dress as a woman an offer a cop what??"

  • naigoto
    • naigoto

      Forgot the link:

  • sal

    Thats the dumbest thing I've ever heard

  • Harry is a homo

    Good god I want to rape her fuckhole.

    • JT Mo-Nay


  • sal

    Why would you want such a shitty post?

  • spence

    you are seriously so strange and annoying.

    • Paula_

      Thank you dear ❤

      – the one who loves to bait

  • Tony

    #23 Sofa King Jealous.

  • Bob

    #1 great film and extremely hot babes!!

    • pyrosis

      You're half right.

    • Adam

      Good god EMILY, ABBIE, JAMIE, JENA and VANESSA all kicked butt in the film and looked gorgeous doing it. Buying it on blue ray tmorrow.

  • pablo_v

    Paula wins again, good one guys

    • Sal

      Siggghh she got me but you gotta understand I thought this girl was retarded soooo…

      • JT Mo-Nay

        Takes one to know one eh Sally?

  • Captain Charley

    ya that movie was horrible, just horrible. which was surprising considering the Alba appearances

    • JT Mo-Nay

      uh….it wasn't supposed to be GOOD…

      'Twas kind of the point. As is Hobo with a Shotgun. Both are shout outs to old school B movies shown at the local drive in.

      Was a good time, don't expect Cidade de Deus out of every movie you see, and perhaps you will enjoy yourself a bit more.

  • 8888

    haters gonna not understand sarcasm…and hate

  • Leonel

    #5 You, lady, have accomplished everything I ever wanted to do in my life.

  • jimbojones

    The best part would be not having to hear that shrill voice.

  • Pani Booyah

    #24 Machete don't text but he take a good a picture

  • guineapig

    yeah i'm pretty sure its not the final season, at least they haven't said anything like that yet?

  • Paula_

    No, no, no, make them all of Lauren ❤ That would be so awesome….

    – brb, need some personal time in the bathroom

  • Keith

    can someone tell me #13 #18 and #21 are?

    ps. it looks like Nick Swordson is in #21, I just saw his comedy special on netflix and he is really funny)

    • JoshC42

      Matilda, The Godfather, and Grandma's Boy

      • Keith


  • TheInkblot

    Can anyone name the movies #27 and #7?

    • Whatever

      #27 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)
      #7 The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)

  • matty

    no way. Bullit is the best. And im sure im going to catch plenty of flack for this one, but i honestly find the chase in the french connection boring and kind of ridiculous. Dont get me wrong, its an amazing movie, its just an uninteresting chase.

  • Aaa

    Whatever the case, cool to get to visit! Did you steal a stapler?

  • Cumplaint


    Also lose some weight Kevin Smith you fat shit

  • bastard

    i can't believe i sat through the whole fucking thing. was like 4 hours long. #10

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