Billionaire Paul Allen’s $160 million luxury yacht. Is the price tag worth it? (14 photos)


  • HankVatican

    Nice, but I see a a ton of stuff that would be flying at your head the first time you encounter heavy weather. I'm sure they have an army of midgets who's job it is to secure everything whenever a storm is approaching though.

    • TitoRigatoni

      It's a 300 ft boat with a displacement over 2,200 tons, it would take some *really* heavy weather to start tossing things around inside. And it's a pleasure craft; when the weather gets that rough you don't take it out. Simple as that.

  • Bill

    It is only worth what someone is willing to pay. if he paid that much thats what it is worth to him and only him. I wouldnt pay that much even if i had the spare change lol

  • Henri Fourie

    Actually, this is his first yacht, his latest is a 417ft monster called Octopus and he paid $268 000 000 for it. Comes standard with submarine and 12 man ex seals for security.

  • Comfortable1

    Great yacht but why does it look like the furniture came from the LazyBoy outlet store?

  • TitoRigatoni

    Absolutely worth it, if you are wealthy enough. You guys need to keep 2 things in mind.
    1. These yachts are typically chartered when the owners aren't using them, so they are a source of income.
    2. When you are wealthy, you don't actually "spend" money on things like this.
    Let's say your net worth is 980 million dollars, and you purchase a yacht for 160 million. What is your net worth? 980 million dollars. You've simply turned liquid assets into tangible assets. Megayachts are not used cars, they don't depreciate in value. There are significant costs involved in maintenance and such; to offset these costs see 1. And if you are chartering it for income, you get to write off all those costs on your taxes as well. #14 nice chopper, too.

    • Phlerm

      you are good at maths

    • amrith777

      That is a very knowledgeable explanation and yeah–I was gonna note something about the taxes,as well.In addition to what you said–you have to invest in shit or the taxes would likely kill you.

  • Brown Suga

    Definitely worth it…

  • BMW


  • Nigel Rice

    Why??? Why must his boat be nicer than most people's homes? For fucking Windows? He should drown in it for ME and Vista.

  • DirtyArmySpecialist

    his other yacht is bigger….

  • Edward

    nah f that… To much!

  • txflyboy

    If I had an extra 160M I would buy one too.

  • mattythegooch

    Stoked he dropped the $500 on the used Bowflex!! #7

  • RobGC

    Ooh, the Paperclip. where or where has my scalable friend gone to? He has taken his party maritime

  • Anakrusix

    Lol. My bad. English is my second language.

  • Darkarn

    Man dies and finds himself standing before God, man must now explain why 160 million was spent on a damn boat when it could have changed so many lives.

    • stew

      Could have changed so many lives…yeah, by fucking them up with free money. Evidence: look in your big city housing projects. They've gotten free money and as a result the typical resident has become dependent on it, with an inability to get their ass off the public dole. Having Paul hand out $160M "to help" people out would just do the same.

      • McBeastie

        Worked in Sherwood Forest.

      • amrith777

        While your argument might have some merit–what about a charitable donation to something like St.Jude's hospital where children with debilitating and often fatal illnesses are treated regardless of ability to pay and the families benefit as well as the patient because if I recall correctly–they are furnished with a place to stay while caring for/being with their child?That's a pretty worthy cause,IMO.

        • TitoRigatoni

          Paul Allen is one of the most generous philanthropists around. The Paul G. Allen Foundation has made more than 3,000 grants over the past 20 years, totaling over $400 million. And he has directly contributed more than $600 million to nonprofits he has founded, including the Allen Institute for Brain Science. He has also pledged that the majority of his wealth will go to charity after his death.

          If he wants to buy himself a little luxury as well, I say he deserves it.

  • Mike Kimbrel

    No submarine?!

    • TitoRigatoni

      His other yacht has a submarine. Maybe that's why he's selling this one…

  • DollarBillUK

    Dreams money can buy :)!

  • black27696

    Maybe if you all didn't waste your time on the chive you could get to this guy's station in life and afford a ship like th…lol look at these gifs!

  • Lia

    I’ve seen better for a lot less…not in person, obviously.

  • joeshmo

    Need a better Gym for 160 mill

  • TheAndychrist

    I'll never hear Huey Lewis and the News the same way again.

  • MPCurt

    He coulda married Salma Hayek with that kinda moolah thats a lotta simoleons whered he get all that kablingy.

    • Dick LeGrande

      He made it the old fashion way….he earned for it.

  • mattythegooch

    How the fuck am I supposed to fit that in my bathtub, during "cleaning" time?

  • top dog

    #14, A billionaire can spend $160 million dollars like I spend $1,60, so yes, I would say the price is worth it. Hell, he probably didn't even feel it when he bought it(the yacht). But that is a cheep foosball table in #13.

    • johnnyfoos

      "But that is a cheep foosball table in #13. "
      You got no game!
      Thats a real table and the type the WORLDS are played upon!

  • flow1

    is it a window or a cinema?

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