Billionaire Paul Allen’s $160 million luxury yacht. Is the price tag worth it? (14 photos)


  • Rick

    Nope not worth it shouldve done better with the interior for 160 mil. Wheres the fckin choppa??? wheres the underwater view?? where's the stripper pole? And where the fck are the Chinese immigrant hookers??? I want my moneys worth Dammit!!

  • Kajun

    I saw this yacht in new orleans for mardi gras one year. Dude had it parked in the Mississippi river by the river-walk. It had a damn helicopter on it covered up wit ha tarp, about 4 jet ski's and i would guess about a 20ft speed boat also on the back end of it.


    i see no pine tree air freshener defiantly not worth it

  • Stephen

    Definitely worth it, when the zombie apocalypse rolls around im calling shotgun in that bitch.

  • johnnyfoos

    "as having a foosball table"
    You don't have to be Rich to have a REAL Table-
    You just have to have "GAME"!
    I'd play him for his boat or mine!

  • Moke

    I sold him a BBQ for on this boat when it was Auckland a few years back for the Americas Cup.

  • Taylor

    Where’s the choppa? Pretty sure it’s on the helipad in that last pic.

  • matt

    this is one of his little boats, his big one is Octopus, 3 helipads, 39' submarine that drops out the bottom, now that is a hell a boat!

  • mrbrixon

    #9 is full of win…i want a boat with a swimming pool in the middle… gah.

  • its_forge

    Ship registered in the Caymans, where all his money is sitting, tax-free. That's fitting.

    • Mark


  • allstarcelebrity

    what happened to his boat Octopus?

  • Nate

    The interior is freaking awesome, BUT no matter how much it costs, a ship without sails is just… bland.

  • Mike


  • Paul

    Worth if it came with loyal full time Great looking naked chicks..

  • Yep, a ship w/o sails is bland... just like the furnishings inside the ship. Should've hired a better interior designer.


  • Taylor Hegele

    Mine is better.

  • dnsbubba

    You'll never convince me he doesn't want to be a Bond villain.

  • tfbuckfutter

    Man, that thing is as good as my house if not better.

  • Steven

    Nope, whats the point of having a boat if you sit on it and watch movies. Fly to a resort that has all those things, thats obviously what you want.

  • Jayne

    This looks amazing. Neighbors? F-off. Barking dogs? Probably not. Going out to sea and hosting outrageous get togethers with your favorite people that don't suck? This boat just made me want to do life… better.

  • Jim

    I'd have to agree with you.

  • D395

    Im on a BOAT!!

  • Headfade

    Clearly it's where Sean Connery goes to get inked…

  • Khaqan Javaid

    When you have it… Flaunt it. I own an island but, then again thats just a wild life reserve. But, yes if I had this much of cash just lying around I'd def go for the boat.

  • waltgator

    just awesome!

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