• kev

    aw, this would be cool if they made some kinda "lemon ink" tattoo: i.e. a tattoo that can ONLY be seen under blacklight. THAT would be cool

  • DeuceBrew

    I can see the appeal of these for someone who is under black light all the time…like a stripper. That being said, the rest is kinda dumb. #16 & #20 were nice though.

  • Bob

    #20…YES!! So awesome.

  • oldboy

    #16 Yes please!

  • Newfiebackflip

    Yes lets put ink in our bodies that glow under black light I have spent my fair share of time in tattoo shops and this subject has come up on several occasions and not one of the artists I know would entertain the idea of putting that type of ink in someone's skin.

  • chuklut finger licka

    #16 find her!

  • av8or21

    find #16!

  • R

    Find 22, please

  • http://photocreationsbyholly.com/pictures-of-black-lights Pictures of black lights

    […] Black light tattoos for the raving rebel in us all (23 photos … Jun 27, 2011 … Black light tattoos for the raving rebel in us all (23 photos). 3. black light tattoos 0 Black light … […]

  • Munk85

    #16 is hot

  • http://tattoo-how.com aphrodi

    how much these uv tattoos are costly ?

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