Nothing keeps the weekend buzz going strong like some FLBP (45 Photos)



    • sareon

      Nice with the name, pre-emptive strike of those who would call you a douche and calling first…I like it

    • Paula_


    • EdWood

      Yes, Your First.
      And what has our winner won today?
      Free tickets to the Tranny Convention…….In Beautiful Mylasia !!!

      • JewLover

        Where is Mylasia?

        • Bluto

          Cousin to Mylanta

  • hater

    #2. You have very nice…eyes.

    • dibbs

      you know what? you're right. gourgeous eyes.

    • dexter

      and tits!

    • Felix

      sometimes.. buttons are placed exactly right

      • Always Last

        It's Kim Kardashian…..

    • Kevin T.

      Looks like JENN STERGER I think it's her.

    • Oh Yeah

      I'd hit that harder than a foster child

  • jayc


    • equalizermax

      I Love Melons!…

      And Find Her #28

  • James

    #2 is off the chain. ridiculously hot!

    • Jacob Villalobos

      Seriously…. like… holy crap

  • Lalo Teijeiro

    this just goes with the coffee

  • Married guy

    My wife doesn't like sex anymore. 😦

    • your wife

      no one cared the 1st 20 times you posted the same sentence. Maybe she doesn't like you anymore.

    • Malkintosh22

      CLASSIC! Reoccurring troll

    • Cavall

      Sure she does. Oh, you mean with you? Oh. No. Sorry bro.

    • Miss. Adventure

      If sex with you is as boring, predictable and repetitive as your posts I don't blame her.

    • Paula_

      Sure she does; she just did both football teams.

      – and me too

    • The Dude

      That's not what she told me.

  • Mel

    Not disappointed at all for getting my chive before going to bed, very good chive, very good.

  • Ben Muirhead

    MOAR #24! Rhymes!

  • Oregonian


    y u no eat?

    • Bazinga

      Agreed. This is just downright scary.

    • Sick

      maybe the angle, but there is something with the proportions on that pic. head much bigger than hip??

    • Jeo

      same goes for #11

    • MacNCheesePro

      It goes strait to her boobies!

    • Jürgen

      I think that is Kissie or Alexandra Nilsson which is her real name and she's really stupid and have one of the biggest Bloggs in Sweden.

    • n1ghtstalker

      I know you're going to say something about "if you noticed that I have bad news for you…" but seriously, whats up with her toes? Did she try giving herself a pedicure with a circular saw or something?

    • Mark Wolcott
    • jamie

      before anorexia/lips/boob job:
      so much hotter!

  • Mark Palm

    I just can't choose a favourite!!! There are soooo manyyy!!

    • anon

      she is perfect.

  • Andrew Lahey

    #27 God save the queen!

    • asdasd

      Looks shopped…

      • Wayne

        I don't know, it looks pretty legit to me.

      • Anon

        nah no pixels out of place.

    • Spivias

      but but but……
      what the hell am i suppose to think about when im climaxing
      now that you show me this, im screw

    • Tedskin

      someone in the royal family just chocked on their tea and crumpets

  • bigb7965

    #45 shes almost cute enough for me not to focus on her tits…..for about 3 seconds.

    • bigb7965

      anyone know who she is, btw??

      • Tarock

        Kristi Gail Hatsell

        That clip is from

  • Malkintosh22

    #16 Sarah Jean Freaking Underwood

    • Ab Latif

      Newest addition to G4 super hero lineup. Bustice

  • #9 I'll take a hot girl with small tits over these three horse faces any old day of the week. Woof...woof.


  • Skinnpete

    #14 anorexic with implants… not good

    • cursed86

      she needs our support

      • James

        but she does qualify for future lower back problems doesnt she!

    • Eric

      Or is it very very good?

    • regcrim

      Alexandra Kissie Nilsson

      • That Guy

        i was going to say it was shopped until you provided proof she's real… nasty.

        • DeuceBrew

          There are some things you can't unsee…

  • Stephan Hahn

    #3 We need a vintage gallery

    • Brandon AnyZesty

      Find this one; you find her right now.

      Totally agree on the vintage gallery. Few things are hotter than a pinup model woman.

      • Knuckles Grymm

        Count me in!

    • Sebastian Barison


      We need a Vintage Gallery NOW :P!!

  • miliano2.0

    #4 no matter what group she is in Alison bree will always be the hottest.

    • anniesboobs

      agreed. what is this from?

  • FionnR


  • Anakrusix

    I have to say #31. I think i'm going to use her as my model for the Harley Quinn painting I've been wanting to do. If you guys have a better suggestion, I'm all ears.

    • will

      iga wyrwal. or something like that. google it. you'll see her boobies.

    • Wayne

      Upskirt and downblouse in the same pic? Nope, no better suggestions.

    • RichApe
      • absolutcarcrazy

        Bless you sir.

      • Eric

        Bless you indeed, but in the future a NSFW warning wouldn't hurt. Yikes!

  • DeRaNgEd

    #24 Angie Verona i such a honey

    • DeRaNgEd

      should be is, such a fail…

    • Rubberbandman

      Nevr thought I wantd 2 do a 14 yr old b4, but now……damn!

  • Mullie

    NOT FIRST !!!!! ridiculous people, what does it bring you to be the first and shout it. Just enjoy the post in silence and after you gasped for breath (at least on these FLBP posts) look at them again and if you have anything sensible to remark, please do.

    For me, I was completely flabbergasted by #1 and #28.
    But the rest was awesome as well

    Any names on #1 and #28 ??

    • DeRaNgEd

      Ivana Hugnkis maybe??

    • bob the builder

      #1 is Sydney Barlette

  • feelinlucky75

    #39 I love snow bunnies!!!

    • LouiedaLova

      I love hard nipples

    • ilovethechive

      I love lamp!

  • The Bandit

    #13 …I'd love to see that when I come home
    #19 #20 …or these…or all of them!
    #27….after seeing this I think I'll need a shrink somewhen! Disturbed me on many levels

  • buckywheat

    #39 see you next winter

  • Sammy

    #45 Ladies please, can we stop the charade of you wearing low cut tops, and then feigning offense when you catch us staring at your boobies. When the tits are on display I don't look away.

    • Beldar

      Here here!!

      • silva

        I second that.

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