Sketch Girl will ruin your day (11 photos)

Apparently this anonymous girl gets her kicks by going to chat rooms, telling girls they are beautiful and that she's an artist and she has kindly sketched their angelic faces. Tears and binge eating ensue.

  • mr.plow


  • EhFuckitDude

    Trollers gonna' Troll 😉 lol this crap is priceless

  • Da Sandman

    don't know man.. that's just cruel

  • christian

    I'd like to see what the "artist" looks like

  • Tony Austin

    hahah that is awesome..

  • jg

    #10 made me lol

  • Nanook

    Coffee right out the nose on #10 ! Freaking hilarious.

  • Mero

    #8 and #9 are unfair..

  • Christopher Huddleston

    #10 Perfection!

  • Kyle

    not funny, just pathetic

  • SherBear

    This is awesome, almost reminds me of Brad Neely comics.

  • Solitaire

    I like it. Some of the sketches are actually of a good quality, from an artistic standpoint.

  • pwhyze

    He's a guy, a famous blogger here in Malaysia…a well known troll too…haha

  • Bless1

    Brilliant!!! She should do one of Patty's fat ass.

  • XfatallyoursX

    Please Please I want more!!!!!!!!
    There needs to be a dedicated site to this stuff LMFAO!
    I just saw these ones!!! sooooo funny
    the one with batman behind her!!!!! soooooo awesome!…

  • van go

    I don't know…I thought there was a budding amount of talent displayed here. I'd like to see her do some erotic sketching.

  • That Guy

    i guess i see what you did… if you are a girl. girls are just as capable as being rude yes, but less likely to be. about 90% of the serial killers are men.. both sexes are capable but men are more likely to kill you, cut you into little pieces and store you in their basement.
    (you see what i did there?)

    • Larry

      And many of those serial killer men were known to be quiet, polite and charming.

      Being rude, is not conducive to being a serial killer.
      Seems like you're really reaching for arguments now….

      • That Guy

        i wasn't comparing the two, only giving an example of capability to likelihood.

        • WhatWillBee

          Well in terms of rudeness you are wrong on both counts.

  • MacNCheesePro

    That's the hardest I've laughed all day!

  • That Guy

    ya they are but it is usually behind the back, gossip and meant to rip apart without any of the blame. it is the guys that will lay it out there not giving a care about who knows how they are. in other words guys are more blatantly and abruptly mean.

    • Kate

      "usually behind the back, gossip and meant to rip apart without any of the blame"

      Right, sneaky, under handed, destructive, manipulative yet can do it with a clean conscience
      "it is the guys that will lay it out there not giving a care about who knows how they are"

      Exactly, at least they are open and honest about it.
      Thanks for proving my point.

    • Kate

      See, I DO think this was done by a guy ( Randomly insulting strangers on the internet, for the sake of amusing others).

      As opposed to a girl, who might very well call herself one of these girls "BFF's", ridiculing and insulting them behind their backs, for the sake of making themselves feel better.

    • Kate

      But alas, it is quite obvious that you are just a self loathing man-hater. I understand though, if I were you, I'd hate myself too.

      • That Guy

        wait… what? you first said i don't know anything about women and then make those comments that you completely agree with my take on women… you are making as logical choices as if you were behind a wheel.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Now thats just mean….it's not always whats on the outside…how sad….

  • Anonymous

    #10 made me choke I laughed so hard. I think this chick is hilarious. A bit mean spirited, maybe.

  • Jon

    LMFAO. thats freaking hilarious

  • Steven

    This is great #8 isn't bad though

  • Caleb Daniel Jaqua


    Jaysus Christ that's funny.

  • Kud

    FIND HER. So I can see more artwork.

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