Sketch Girl will ruin your day (11 photos)

Apparently this anonymous girl gets her kicks by going to chat rooms, telling girls they are beautiful and that she's an artist and she has kindly sketched their angelic faces. Tears and binge eating ensue.

  • USLethal

    I actually laughed out loud in public looking at this! F'n brilliant!

  • kpsurf

    Funny funny post!!!!! More!!!

  • Huggy Panda Bear

    you didn't hear it from me

  • Nicola Degobbis

    He's a genius.

  • Leonel

    #10 Bahahahahahahahahahahahha! That is all.

  • sam

    #7 looks like iggy pop in tank girl

  • Sue Aside

    9 is the slut from Grease. Rizzi or something….I think. Classic.

  • Gerdie

    Actually, better than expected. I expected nothing more than a retarded moan.

    • somechick

      this has been fun but im all done. I mean this is on the second page by now…..

  • Kate

    You mad bro?

  • Jpnes

    Lmao #10! This Post is great! Moar!!!!! Draw me ne me

  • Nate

    Drawing is actually better than the photo # 11

  • rindsey

    am i alone in thinking this is mean?

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  • Random

    So, the link provided by Huggy Panda takes us to a Body Building message board where some douche gets his steroid infused rocks off by insulting people. Now that is a manly man! He inspires us all…..

  • Feso

    Haven't laughed this good in awhile!

  • Feso

    And yes "weekly would be great!"

  • chwilford44

    Ahaha doesn't the girl in the middle look like her

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