• USLethal

    I actually laughed out loud in public looking at this! F'n brilliant!

  • kpsurf

    Funny funny post!!!!! More!!!

  • Huggy Panda Bear

    source: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=12
    you didn't hear it from me

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicola.degobbis Nicola Degobbis

    He's a genius.

  • Leonel

    #10 Bahahahahahahahahahahahha! That is all.

  • sam

    #7 looks like iggy pop in tank girl

  • Sue Aside

    9 is the slut from Grease. Rizzi or something….I think. Classic.

  • Gerdie

    Actually, better than expected. I expected nothing more than a retarded moan.

    • somechick

      this has been fun but im all done. I mean this is on the second page by now…..

  • Kate

    You mad bro?

  • Jpnes

    Lmao #10! This Post is great! Moar!!!!! Draw me ne me

  • Nate

    Drawing is actually better than the photo # 11

  • rindsey

    am i alone in thinking this is mean?

  • http://www.volnation.com/forum/endzone/4846-funny-pics-thread-475.html#post5160761 Funny Pics Thread - Page 475 - VolNation

    […] Check out this page for some good laughs: Sketch Girl will ruin your day (11 photos) : : theCHIVE […]

  • Random

    So, the link provided by Huggy Panda takes us to a Body Building message board where some douche gets his steroid infused rocks off by insulting people. Now that is a manly man! He inspires us all…..

  • Feso

    Haven't laughed this good in awhile!

  • Feso

    And yes "weekly would be great!"

  • chwilford44

    Ahaha doesn't the girl in the middle look like her http://www.allproscience.com/newpage.php

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