Vote for Playboy Miss Social June 2011

Our good friends at Playboy need your help to vote for Miss Social June 2011. Check out the finalists below and click HERE to vote! Check the Miss Social Facebook Page tomorrow to see who wins!

Click HERE to vote!

  • SomeGuy

    With the exception of #21 and #27, these girls look like the trashiest girls ever. I would rather look at a DAR gallery with no chivettes then this.

  • Nighteye

    #12, many others look too artificial. 12 looks like a natural beauty.

    • tyrone biggums

      Look again. She looks like Miley Cyrus–NOT hot at all & not "natural". Her body may be unaltered, but she either isn't comfortable posing or she simply doesn't know HOW to pose. Contrast her pic w/ any photo of Lauren Gentile & you'll immediately know what I'm talking about.

  • Mark Jones

    #21 Chiver's Choice right there!

  • Justin

    Wow. how can i possibly choose.

  • Nick

    #3 all the way. I'm a sucker for red heads

  • lolwut

    Every single chivette ever posted on a friday or in a DAR is better looking than any of these girls…

  • shon

    no brainer #21

  • thetech2

    how about shae im goin to russia suckas in two days

  • Darf

    You're fucking kidding me with that lack of talent. Looks like your sexy chiver bullshit

    • tyrone biggums

      Sexy Chivers (AKA Chivettes) are WAY better looking than this bunch of skanks!

  • Flamingo34

    I dont know… I'd say #11, #12 or #21
    but in any case…. the chivettes kick the shit out of these girls

  • Rich G.

    Numbers 10, 12, and 27 are the best looking IMHO. Number21 would have been added to my choices if it had not been for the big glasses and pig-tails

  • Chicago_Animal

    This is for PlayBoy? Where the hell are at Least the links to seeing these whores nude? I know you dont do nudes on the site but what about links? No naked = Not PB material

  • Bob

    #20 is the winner…..hopefully

  • dez troyer

    these are the beatest bitches ever.. wtf

  • Anonymous

    #22 and #23. Surely Hef has a no-duckface policy…?

  • Vlester

    21 all the way

  • dumes79




  • sexualniner

    #21 minus the horrific tramp stamp.

  • R D H

    Tough choice but #2 takes it.

  • Shubbs

    Pretty Sure #21 is a camgirl… name is spexyashleigh

  • Tomasku

    #18 Brooklyn – Wanna go

  • derka

    and they are all dudes!

  • greazzlybear

    the chivers are the real winners here

  • ggg1228

    The Chivettes are better looking than most of these girls.

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