Vote for Playboy Miss Social June 2011

Our good friends at Playboy need your help to vote for Miss Social June 2011. Check out the finalists below and click HERE to vote! Check the Miss Social Facebook Page tomorrow to see who wins!

Click HERE to vote!

  • DirtyArmySpecialist

    playboy is a joke now….

  • Joey

    not any playmate material in there…bunch of fake tits and too much makeup

  • MrMan13

    #6 has my vote!

    • tyrone biggums

      She's the only "real" woman in the bunch. Love the freckles, but she looks like she gave birth about 6 mos. ago…

  • Rob

    I vote for none. Show more pics of Shay!!

  • @kabaka

    Playboy is for children.

    And it sucks donkey sausages too.

  • Doktor

    #19 foreals

  • chivette

    Butters…all butters!

  • michaeledmondsjr

    #6 has my vote!

  • michaeledmondsjr

    #16 is quite lovely as well!

  • TheRealJoel


  • wahoos

    these girls have nothing on the chivettes

  • Antho

    #21 or #24…they are hot

  • 2ballsdeep

    #12 or #21

  • bill

    no LG?

  • Jr.

    #21 please!

  • matt

    congrats they all lose

  • Stone

    #24 or #17

  • gdm426

    none of these girls can hold a candle to the Chivette's

  • chris

    #18 & #21

  • Vij

    My vote for #13

  • pud3000

    Chivettes are better than most of these

  • steve

    #16 + #19

  • Mikey


  • UHM

    @Joey Since when are fake tits & too much makeup not playboy material? We are not talking Perfect 10 here. BTW #6 more pics plz

  • top dog

    I usually don't vote on these things because I have such a hard time choosing. but I like #18. Damn, I just noticed they have their names over their pictures.

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