Vote for Playboy Miss Social June 2011

Our good friends at Playboy need your help to vote for Miss Social June 2011. Check out the finalists below and click HERE to vote! Check the Miss Social Facebook Page tomorrow to see who wins!

Click HERE to vote!

  • Do0zer

    #21 Ashleigh for sure.

  • Gabriel

    #12, #16, or #21 – MOAR

  • Dapper_Dave

    A lot of these girls kinda fail. I say we put some of our Chivettes up against these girls. I bet we'd give them a good running.

    Having said that….. I would drink #19 bathwater with a straw.

  • Phlerm

    Interesting choices, Mac… can't tell if you are tongue in cheek or serious with your selections.

  • TaskMaster


  • thechive

    Looks like anyone can be in PB nowadays

  • Bless1


  • Blake

    Why not cut the BS and just ask us "which one would you most like to see naked"

  • Tony


  • Loui

    #21 hell yeah

  • Anonymous

    #1 or #16. But the Chivettes would pwn all.

  • dAVE

    #19 & #27

  • jacob

    #22 is the best!

  • jacob

    #4 #14 #19 is what I meant, not 22

  • kpsurf


  • kpsurf


  • Victor Morgan

    I'd have to vote for all of em. They are all so hotttttttt

  • Skedaddle

    Miss Social or Miss Social Disease? Hags.

  • bkfrijoles

    #6 has my vote

  • @genjac3213

    #1, then #27, #16

  • kessel81

    damn I love them all. I got a better idea, tell them party's at my house.


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  • Ally

    Just me or do the Chivettes give a better showing than this every Friday?

  • soda pop

    #1 all the way.

  • Karla

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