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When it comes to ‘Find Her’ we’re awarded 10 brownie points (26 Photos)

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The following are the girls the Chivers want to see MOAR of. One problem, nobody knows who they are. If you have a name and MOAR pics, just email your chick knowledge to theCHIVE and we'll post them in our 'Found'.

  • BMW

    I'll take #6 #11. Thank you.

    • Goose

      #6 is Angie Marie

  • james

    that's just awesome. saw #13 there too… I think nobody watched the concert. of course she's on the chive on Monday.

    • hMMMM

      um….seriously? That girl was the baddest chick???

    • Huh

      So if you both saw her, were you just too much of a pussy to go talk to her or what?

    • Bryce

      Ya'll must not have seen a couple of my friends @ comfest, if she's the best you saw. lol

  • bman

    #4 holy hotness! Moar

  • yo yo ma

    I award you zero brownie points. Your find her success rate is worse than Patty's weight loss progress.

    • Brad

      oh no you didn't…

    • mrx is #9. I think she is awarded as "Miss Finland."

    • post our finds!

      I've found 2 of the girls listed on here before because i knew them… I sent in their names and multiple pictures of each, sent them both in twice and they never got posted

  • ivan

    #26 dirty dirty girl. we need more of her

    • Jason Ciotti

      It's not dirt, it's Nutella….didn't you pay attention to DAR?

    • clint beastwood

      Bath her and bring her to me.

      • Terry Burke

        bath her? dude it's Nutella. lick that stuff off!

        • clint beastwood

          I'm a diabetic.

          • Terry Burke

            o well that sucks. if it's true, i hope it's not tho

    • n1ghtstalker

      Wasn't she in 2 girls one cup?

    • RippaTipTippin

      This girl is indeed quite bad. Chive hook it upppppp

    • Khaqan Javaid

      I think she in on my fb. Not sure but, I'm pretty sure it's the same girl

  • Marc

    # 19 Subtle lip bite FTW.

    • bettingonthecubs

      You're doing it wrong

    • Terry Burke


  • JROC

    #26 its all poop

    • medtxpack


  • gaZebo

    #21 "Her" name's Alice Cooper. Enjoy.

    • jim


    • Buford_Justice

      Star in a reasonably priced car

    • livewire

      LOL. knew someone was going to post this as soon as i saw the pic. Well played

    • @404usernotfound

      She was the only one i was looking at through that entire interview.

  • bman

    #20 also spectacular…

    • jorge

      The sexy girl i've seen in a while here…. might be jailbait… hope not

    • hossmank

      2 thumbs up, indeed. If she's legal.

      • james

        two inches up if she's not.

      • michaeledmondsjr

        ah hell, like i've always said — if there's grass on the field, play ball! if not, just play in the mud!

  • Jen

    #19 very pretty indeed

  • urDad

    You find them then Gonorrhea/Syphilis finds you.

  • mylismo

    Miss Finland 2008 Satu Tuomisto

  • disturbed

    #26 MOAR! Gotta love a dirty girl…


    I agree with #2

    • Michael Martinez

      I hope that's not a tattoo of two guys kissing on her arm!!!

  • u-know

    im pretty sure that #23 is Tia Tanaka

    • Sah

      You are correct.

      • mmm

        found the only clothed picture on the internet there

  • asskicker

    You wont find any of them….this site blows.

    Flame on.

    • Coldzilla

      Um……….. you seem to have misspelled "kisser"

      • Notafanboy

        And you are from the wrong country.

        • Pierre

          Haha. My Country is flooding parts of your country.

  • giuseppe

    #19 just one word for her: WOW. in her simplicity she's the hottest girl in here.

    • Chris Stoll

      I know her! Her name is Alisa, shes a really down to earth fun chick.

      • Brenden

        She is amazing … pleas let her know i said so … that and us chivers would love to see moar

      • giuseppe

        Hi Chris Stoll, do you really know her? Does she have a FB profile? Thanks for the answer in advance. Chive On from Italy.

  • Alexandrov Andreseev

    #7 Melanie Iglesias. Maxim Hometown Hottie of the Year.

  • oughtnot

    #25 ? You're kidding, right? ~shudder~

    • Silentrob

      Oh hell ya this girl needs to be found!

      • doodle cakes

        holy shit, I'm pretty sure I dated this girl briefly in Canada like 4 years ago, she's from the UK tho. If it's her…hard to tell

        • hMMMM

          …if you dated her, I'm pretty sure you'd remember her FACE, let alone her body.

        • MadMansDad

          Bull Shit!

          • Always Last

            Or the tatts……

      • Hater_Aid

        When you do find her, please put her back.

        And do a better job of hiding her….

    • thrillho

      TATS: yes


      • Blake

        Tits and tats!! Those tits look like they feel and taste delicious, enough so to ignore the "booger ring"<<I like that phrase

        • brittany

          that is Charity Laurus. she is a God's Girl.

          • Napoleon C4

            Such a horrible, horrible waste.

          • Randy Gallegos

            WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!! thank you ma`am😉

  • Capt. Obvious

    #26 Needs me to give her a sponge bath and a massage.


    I see #6 in my dreams regularly…I call her Erica…

  • oldboy

    Yes – please #19 & #25

  • Dino

    #15 is Yurizan Beltran…ridiculously hot.

    • jk76

      She looks asian really. And I know Yurizan is Mexican.

    • Rukus

      I believe it is Christine Mendoza.

  • mr.plow

    #22 already was featured. The eyes are about the only thing she was going for her.

    • Senpai

      S.E. Cupp fits the bill. Hard to tell though with just the eyes. She wears mostly square glasses, loves hunting, and has similar bone structure. Just a guess.

  • Doofenshmirtz

    #8? Why? Yikes…
    Now #6 on the other hand…a MUST find…

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