When it comes to ‘Find Her’ we’re awarded 10 brownie points (26 Photos)

The following are the girls the Chivers want to see MOAR of. One problem, nobody knows who they are. If you have a name and MOAR pics, just email your chick knowledge to theCHIVE and we'll post them in our 'Found'.

  • Anonymous

    #9 is Chiquinquirá Delgado from Venezuela!

  • buuillis

    #10 finally got a pic on The Chive, bucket list notch

  • Bob

    #2, #11, #18, #23, #25…Just focus on these.

  • MarcoPolo6228

    #6. Playboy's Angie Marie. http://www.playboy.com/girl/angie-marie

    • Anonymous

      Thanks that helps me out… 🙂

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #26 this girl is dirty & hot! nice!

  • http://www.facebook.com/misterwilsonx Wilson Butters Auyeung

    #15 christina mendoza!

  • http://thegeekplace.co.uk Milan0

    Isn't number 8 Sara Harding from Girls Aloud?

  • mee

    anybody else wanna punch the guy in #5 in the face? anyway…#26 and #6

  • Google
  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    any updates on #19?


    some more incredible photos
    thank you

  • laine

    #18 is a suicide girl, shes REALLLLY not hard to find

  • Sexy smallz (jazzie)

    #6 #7 & #18 I want MOAR !!!
    I like that soft but naughty look … Or oriental …

    18 leaves me breathless … BEAUTIFUL … Find her

  • Edd Perez

    I know number 10. LOL. She's Venezuelan, her name is Chiquinquira Delgado, one of the hottest women in Venezuela. Here's the video

  • Always Last


  • Nope


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