A Chivette needs our help: Meet Lilli (34 Photos: WE EXCEEDED OUR GOAL!)

A few months ago now, I was exchanging emails with Brandi Wilson, one of our more talented submitters of hilarious photos. Brandi, a Canadian mother of three from the tiny town of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, broke down and told me a heartbreaking story about her 3 year-old daughter, Lilli.

After Lilli was born, it took 21 months of medical confusion and speculation for doctors to conclude Lilli had Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS), a developmental disorder that affects the 17th chromosome. SMS causes intellectual disability, delayed development, sleep disturbance, and extreme behavioral problems. At the time, Brandi was told that SMS was so rare, only 600 people worldwide had the disorder. There are very few support groups for SMS, none at all in Canada. The details of SMS are rather hellish.

Lilli was born with a heart defect that affects roughly 25% of kids with SMS. She wouldn't learn to walk or talk like the other kids. In fact, at 6 months old Lilli still resembled a newborn.

Lilli doesn't sleep like you and I. SMS causes an inverted melatonin level and wildly erratic sleep patters. Lilli wakes up at 2 am thinking it's time to start her day. During the afternoon, Lilli is sleepy and irritable. The adorable remedy for this is Sid, Lilli's 5 year-old brother, who will sit on the couch next to his sister; Lilli will instinctively curl up next to him and drift away while Sid selflessly lets Lilli sleep.

Now for the really rough stuff. Lilli is plagued with a number of sensory issues. Many kids with SMS have a reduced sensitivity to pain. SMS children have behavioral issues, temper tantrums, and prolonged 'meltdowns' that can last hours, sometimes days, in which they can inflict serious self-injury. Lilli will bite herself, bang her head against tables and walls, tear her hair out, and claw her own skin.

Children with SMS have earned the nickname 'Little Houdinis'. They have no sense of fear. Children with SMS have been known to jump out windows or wander into busy streets. A few days before Brandi contacted me, Lilli managed to open the door to her bedroom, crawl down the hallway, and throw herself down the stairs.

Since then, Brandi has been forced to lock Lilli in her room. Brandi painfully expressed, "I was locked in my room as a punishment. Lilli doesn't deserve that. Every time I lock that door, it hurts so much."

This is where we need our Chivers. Brandi and her husband Sid live on less than $25,000 a year. There's an amazing company in England called Safe Spaces that specializes in creating safe living and sleeping spaces for kids with special needs which is not covered by the Wilson's insurance. Safe Spaces the only company in the world that creates safe spaces specifically for Children with SMS, a special retrofitted room-within-a-room where Lilli will be safe from harm.

We're going to have engineers from Safe Spaces fly to Canada to build Lilli a Safe Space and I'm personally going to fly to Sault Ste Marie to bring you the images and help in whatever way I can. Our goal is to raise $17,000. The room itself is $14,000 but I'd like to fill the room with toys, lights, and clothes specially made for kids with sensory disorders.

While there's nothing wrong with those big name charities, the Chivers have always championed the underdog. There are those out there, equally deserving of our help, who suffer in silence. Right now there's a little girl with an obscure disorder on the outskirts of Ontario who needs our help. We're going to send the calvary to Sault Ste Marie to help Lilli, put a megaphone on this disease, and give Lilli and the SMS community the help they desperately need.

We've created a donation page for Lilli right here. If you have $5 languishing in your PayPal account, it's suddenly become the most awesome $5 ever (donation site also accepts credit cards). Give whatever you can, doesn't matter if it's a dollar. Chivers, we've knocked it out of the park before in Fluvanna County. It's time to step to the plate once again and show the world what we're made of. I'll be bringing you hourly updates on the total $ raised so check back.

Donate HERE.
Lillie's Facebook Support page HERE.
More about SMS and how to lend a hand at PRISMS.

UPDATE #1: $2,500 in 15 minutes flat!!! The Chivers have the accelerator smashed into the floor right now.
UPDATE #2: Half hour mark and we just blasted through $5,000
UPDATE #3: We just hit $10,000 in one hour. Holy Shit.
UPDATE #4: $15,000 in 90 minutes. Keep it going, we're almost there!!! FINAL PUSH

SUPER KICKASS UPDATE #5: Chivers, we JUST HIT OUR GOAL. $17,000 IN LESS THAN 2 HOURS. I just spoke to Brandi. She's in shock. This is unbelievable. I'm keeping the donation page open for anybody who wants to give. Lord knows they could use it.
UPDATE #6: Even though we hit our goal, the Chivers refuse to stop giving. We've now raised over $25,000 for Lilli. This is surreal.
UPDATE #7: The total has crested $34,000. We've doubled our goal.

Donate right here.

If you’d like to send Lilli a letter of support:
Lillian Wilson
C/O Brandi Wilson
79 Robin St.
Sault Ste. Marie ON
P6A 5Y4

If you don’t use Paypal or online credit cards, please send checks to:

Resignation Media
701 Ocean Front Walk #3
Venice, CA 90291

Make checks payable to Resignation Media and put “Lilli” in the memo. Thanks Chivers!

SUPER KICKASS UPDATE #5: Chivers, we JUST HIT OUR GOAL. $17,000 IN LESS THAN 2 HOURS. I just spoke to Brandi. She’s in shock. This is unbelievable. I’m keeping the donation page open for anybody who wants to give. Lord knows they could use it.

UPDATE #6: Even though we hit our goal, the Chivers refuse to stop giving. We’ve now raised over $25,000 for Lilli. This is surreal.

UPDATE #7: The total has crested $34,000. We’ve doubled our goal.

  • Brock C.

    She needs our help, everyone empty your wallets. My $100 is going to a good cause.

  • Jaden


  • DanglingPP

    always had respect for parents like that. donated

  • habschick

    Wow they live 3 hours away from me here in Sudbury.. Must say I've never heard of this disease before. I hope that things go better for Lilli an her family. I hope to see photos of her new room posted soon

  • Shadow Ryder

    I usually try to keep my donations close to home but this little girl hit me right in the heart. Sending you $150 as the tears in my eyes make it hard to see the screen. We're thinking about you down here in MN, thank you fellow chiver's for stepping up when asked. I'm proud to be one of you.

  • steve

    I KNOW eh

  • Henri Fourie

    Good luck Lilli, the world is not all misery and there are an overwelming amount of people with good hearts. You have my Euro's!!!
    Chive on from France

  • steve

    oh my kid is dying, can i has money too?

    • KingMoe777

      fucking troll. get a life, loser

  • CC101

    This just touches my heart so much that Chive helps out those in need who would never be able to find it anywhere else. God Bless you Chive, the people who donated, and especially God bless Brandi, Lilli, and the rest of your family. Many prayers are sent your way ♥

  • thesensibleone

    Whats the point of donating now ? Close it. Are you gonna make them millionaires now ? They got enough for the little girl ,anything else will end up being wasted i believe. Help but dont spoil.

  • unreal_vector

    It's these families that deserve all the wealth in the world… not sport stars, celebrities, politicians, etc. This family should never have to work a day in their lives – they are already giving so much just to make their daughter's life one worth living to the fullest.

    I've made my donation… have you?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Luispedrosato Luis Pedro Gonçalves

    Just started to cry in the office, got more people to donate

  • KingMoe777

    thank you, captain asshole. now go die in a fire and do the world a favor

  • http://www.facebook.com/captaingoatboy Kevin Harper

    I have an old schoolfriend whose daughter has SMS, so i know how heart wrenching this is, I actually have a tear in my eye right now, when i saw that the chivers came through for her. Proud doesn't cover it. Well done guys!

  • Newfiebackflip

    UPDATE #6: Even though we hit our goal, the Chivers refuse to stop giving. We've now raised over $25,000 for Lilli. This is surreal.

    This is totally awesome, I am glad I could of been a part of it. The family deserves it!

    Being Canadian myself I am so proud of everyone who jumped in on this. Even more so pleased to know that so many people outside of Canada reached in their pockets and donated. Amazing way to start of our Canada Day long weekend.

  • Grodon

    theChive goes from distracting website to semaritan of the year. Don't forget the WiFi cam in the room so mom can keep an eye on her while still being able to take a much needed break to check theChive !

  • MarieW

    I'm from Wawa, just a few hours North of Sault Ste Marie. Its sad, that the community of Chive has helped this girl, where our northern communities have not. I am proud to be on this site at this moment. You all rock so much!

    You have my support and my donation. Good luck Lilli!

  • Billy

    Obvious Troll is Obvious……………

    • desertsteel

      Call me next time you need a little help in life.

  • http://glenncollict.com Glenn

    You've got money heading your way sweetheart, Good work Chivers, makes me proud to be a Chiver too.

  • alysinwunderland

    yea! thanks for the 6th update. great way to start the day!

  • Mike

    best of luck Lillie….from your new friends Ellie (2.5 yrs old) and Finn (2.5 months old) in Boston

  • Chad

    Way to go Chivers! Truly an awesome gift.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=507313203 Justin Critchley

    I come to the chive when im bored of work or life to see something funny, sexy, or just plain crazy. I log on and see this? Nothing could be more of an improvement!! Not only does this article and the people behind it renew my faith in the selflessness that can still be found in our world, But it makes me proud to be even the smallest part of it. You Chive are damn good people for taking a thing that otherwise would have been over looked, and brought it to the masses. To every Chiver that has charged in at the call for help you should all be proud of what you have done. Sometimes people fall to their knees and beg the universe to just give them a chance and give them a break. You have done just that for this family. CHIVE ON!!!!

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    …still waiting for this to blow the fuck up all over national news…

  • KeyserSoze


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