• Josh Gorter

    What a dumb ass I really hope there wasn't people on that bus

    • arTee


      • Billy

        why do you let this shit bother you? Did not capitalize w on purpose.

        • Derp


    • Chivetteluver

      If I was on that bus, I'd be thanking the driver for being a BAD ASS!

    • justin

      josh was the guy by the red car

    • Buford_Justice

      Engine in back…greatly reduces risk of sucking in water. yer the dumb ass

    • Josh Gorter

      Yes because the driver had the ability to see that road he was driving over didn't cave in. He got lucky, and just because you see the lady in the red car standing there does not mean there couldn't be a huge sink hole before her.

  • arTee

    Like a Buss!

    • Derp

      aah you beat me to it

    • Applee
    • CaptainInsano


      If it were up to me you'd have the most thumbs up of all-time

      • Bud Lee

        Are you "THE" CaptainInsano a.k.a SVP's interim

    • Ryan Smith

      comment of the day goes too…. Mr. Tee

  • Kaars

    Minot, ND?

    BTW, if you have no idea where that is, or what's happening there, take a look, and give what you can.

    • drew

      Given that those signs are in Russian I'm guessing we aren't in ND anymore…

    • disturbed

      Definitely not in the US.

  • steve

    Bitch, close the hood and go directly to the kitchen!

  • sheoncebelieved

    That's Paula getting her fat ass to the donut shop

    • Billy

      Let it go………….

    • TylerV

      Judging by your picture, I'm about to get up in your ass ;]

  • dogfish


  • medtxpack

    wow, just wow. guess the driver took his big balls pill that morning…

  • Armando

    Lady almost gets taken down by the mini wave. nice post "Not Patty"

  • Brother Maynard

    Fuck caution, full speed ahead!!!!

    • Maxim Safioulline

      The ads on the side of the road are in Russian

  • SSpiro

    Wow. Where is this?

  • Brian

    Yes, but does Not Patty spell like one? Fords? Or fjords?

  • JohnnyRugby

    The upside to a having a high riding vehicle with a rear engine that is likely waterproofed.

    too bad they lost 3 oxen though

  • mr.plow


  • Anonymous

    Fuck the ferry!

  • TheBiffer

    Far to late for me to add "Like a Bus" as someone understandably got that in very early!

  • Jak

    That driver deserves a raise

  • Gern Blansten

    No Wake Zone!!

    Anyone who has done any offroading knows how this works. you stop, you die.

  • Rob Jordan

    Its like the film Speed but in Russia haha

  • Anonymous

    Like a boss!

  • Coldzilla

    She shoulda stuck out her thumb……….

    • panama99

      She should have shown her tits!!!!

  • HUH?

    you think that lady figured out what was wrong with her car? yeah, it was flooded.

  • Jak

    How much worse could her day possibly get?

    • steve

      oops….finds out she's pregnant maybe ?!

  • HUH?

    you think that lady figured out what was wrong with her car? yeah, it was flooded.

  • DJM


  • Phil Jarzemba


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