Ever wonder what the most expensive mail order brides look like? (30 Photos)

Some people fritter their free time away playing video games. I prefer fantasy shopping for mail order brides with Jack Daniel's. Just like cars, different models have different costs. The following brides fall into the 'supercar' category so to speak. But I'm sure they'll eventually fall in love with you for who you are... Which one would you add to cart?

  • Meeeeep

    #8 = miley cyrus?? Anybody else see the resemblance?

  • BRii

    what's up with #6 's hand?

  • Ken

    6 months later, they all look like Rosie.

  • Chris

    #3 please, express mail and handle with care!

  • https://www.facebook.com/TwizzUhmazing Tyler Wilson

    I’ll Take A Order Of 2 #28 ’s And A Large Sweet Tea

  • thedude325

    Well hot damn! I'm getting married this weekend!

  • Dex

    So, where does one do this kind of shopping? Links please!

  • its_forge

    I'll 'ave the lot. And don't skimp on the booty in #30.

  • steve

    #2 #3 #13 #20

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #15 #18 Ready to check out move it, move it…lets go..before they close…hehe….

  • NJF

    I'll take the lot.

  • jose valdez

    #12 and #14 are the vixens of the bunch.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jeff.deboer Jeff DeBoer

    #22 I'll take two.

  • Nihilus_13

    #22 Add to cart *click*

  • Gatsby

    Right, I'll give you $20 for the lot of 'em

  • Justin

    I need a bigger cart god damnit!

  • gdm426

    more like super busted

  • Jimi D.

    I need a prescriptions for # 16, # 18 (three months worth) , # 28 (a six month refill) and a new refill of # 30 just in case ……

  • Daniel

    Can i get a room with all of them?

  • Jay

    It would be best to test drive a few until I find the model perfect for me



  • mee

    diggin 28 right now

  • jesse

    Is there a plethera of hot women somewhere that are so in need of a husband they need to advertise to find one?? where is this place and how do i get there?

  • Anonymous

    I doubt most of these girls are mail order brides. It’s probably a scam from these companies using amateur models pictures to lure guys in.

  • dadude


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