Fit women: Would you? Or would you run? (35 Photos)

  • dastlast

    #1 Hard to believe I could run away faster than her, but I would die trying!

    • dastlast

      Oh and #10 is a real cutie!

      • Xavier

        and # 24 is fucking hot24
        sexy fit women 24 Fit women: Would you? Or would you run? (35 Photos)

    • Frank M

      #1 is Hilary Swank.

    • Ace Rimmer

      I might die of exhaustion too.
      But it would be from humping her.

  • Dan

    Hell yes!

    • hossmank

      #4 In a heartbeat!

  • BigHate

    I always hate these posts because of the super liberal use of the word "fit". Some are what I would describe as fit and some I would describe as "roided" (only if they weren't listening)

    • top dog

      We know BigHate, you like em big. and hate em fit. But fear not, there is someone for everyone.

      • BigHate

        Ummmm……..what? Are you trying to insult me because I find ones like #6, #13, and #25 too muscular for a woman? I have no problem with most of them like #10,#12,#15,#21,#22 and #29. The rest are alright. I definitely wouldn't kick them out. It doesn't make you more enlightened to pretend to see all women as special and pretty. This is the real world and that "everyone is beautiful and special" crap is another fairy tale that parents tell their children like santa and the tooth fairy.

  • MovieMaker13

    #29 is a whole new level of sexy.

    • Darryl

      Nicky Whelan, google her and enjoy

    • mrjiggyfly

      as the man said, Nicky Whelan. you might recognize her from the movie Hall Pass. And this scene.

      • ilovethechive

        Horrible Movie except for that scene

        • mgreen

          Agree. She made up for the $10 movie ticket

        • Mike

          did you only watch that scene? that movie was hilarious, that scene just made it a masterpiece

  • MigraineBoy

    #27 Fit body AND decent underboob. Nice!

  • Jessica Condrey

    #29 shes perfect

  • Justin Hall

    #33 In my opinion, she easily has the hottest, hottest body in this post. She's a machine in her videos.

    • Matias

      I agree man, wow she is pretty amazing! Thanks for the video! :O

    • Beldar

      Gotta love Susana Spears.

      • guest

        she is also known as Zuzana Light

    • Negrodamas

      Agreed. What a woman!

    • bud

      she talks hot

  • Matte Blac Australia

    OHHHHH SHIT YES!!!!! But you never know, could be like in Family Guy when Lois was a fighter:
    Peter: Last night Lois was…… the MAN……..

    • 6655321

      Shit, I was just thinking that. She'd say "The underpants, loose 'em." and you'd have to comply.

      • Bryan

        the problem being…?

    • Chris Hood

      Dude I would totally have no problem being ravaged by Lois Griffin.

  • jim

    All are a "fuck yeah" for me this time

    • ilovethechive

      Totally Agree! Someone please tell me who #2 is!!

  • john

    #26 #29 DAMMMMMNN

    • bman

      must find #26 Stunningly hot and fit without turning into a dude….

      • craig b from ct

        def must find! two best on the gallery besides #28

    • JAFitC

      Gotta say it, #26 needs a sammich or two or three.

      • Bluto

        Wrong. Obese 'Merica, put down the Big Mac and pay attention. This is what a slender healthy woman looks like. This is in no way anorexic, bulimic or otherwise. Having dated a woman who became anorexic, I can tell everyone that this is a healthy body.

        • Jaxlert

          Def too skinny.

        • Lyndsey

          umm.. how would you know if this person has an ED based on the way they look? coming from someone who HAS an eating disorder i would like to enlighten you: they are mental disorders… any one of these women could be suffering from one you cannot diagnose someone just by looking at them.

      • Buford_Justice

        Id call this perfect. no sammies

  • Anon

    #28 is hot and not overly fit in a good way.

    • Kris

      I think that's Melanie Iglesias.

  • august west

    there is definitely a line between fit and a girl's head on a dude with implants, many of these cross that line.

    • Maytrix

      I agree…

      Fit is eating health and exercising – Then there's bodybuilding which is where a number of these would fall under. The fit girls are sexy for sure!

    • Darick

      I think the key is the shoulders. If they're still small and rounded, not huge and muscley then she's okay

  • Paula_

    #32 Invisible weights!
    Somewhat fit girls (#10, #12 etc.) are very sexy, but muscle overdose with all those veins, yecch.

    – the one you love to hate

  • Spoony_Love

    yes, they are all damn hot.
    anyone who wouldn't want to GIT wit 'em is totally GEY

    • JPC

      Yeah, totally gay to not like women with the body of Hulk Hogan.

    • shaunvw

      It's more gay to like a girl with a mans body.

    • b-ry

      you're an idiot.

    • Lotus

      I don't get why "Would you…" has devolved into a fit (roided) girl post. I find most of these women disgustingly hard looking, but it looks like a fair portion of the Chivemind likes getting dominated.

    • levitating

      im gay ….im not sure what gey is

      …would you like some of my man cum

      im kidding, im a chick…

  • overtaf

    #12, #29, #33
    definitely would !!

  • looves2spooge

    #10 uhhhhhhhhh HELL YES

  • D.C.

    A mouth's a mouth.

    • Paula_

      Yep. And a crowbar's a crowbar.

      – the one you love to hate

      • dastlast

        This level of philosophy blows my mind away…

    • KeyserSoze

      That's what your boyfriend says too.

  • boss

    most of them are on anavar.. gotta love that stuff

  • duke

    I would RUN ! If you like a chic with this kinda body then u sir r a fag.

    • DoingYourMom

      that's not what your mom said last night

    • Mike

      It truly must suck to have that little confidence in yourself.

    • will

      Know how I know you're gay?

  • adf

    these posts are bullshit. maybe 10% of them are fit, the rest are just she-males.

    • Andrew

      It's the other way around man

  • sparky

    #28 I would hop on that like she was the last chopper out of 'Nam.

  • Frank

    I would fuck them if they asked; I'd think they would just overpower me if I declined, anyway.

  • marco

    please find #22, she's awesome!

    • Jusnel Gonzalez

      Most definitely!

    • klutch

      Natalia Inoue

      • Flicka

        To teh googles!!!

  • duke nukem

    You know how i know you`re gay Chive…..

    • KeyserSoze

      because you can taste the shit on The Chive's dick?

      • LOL


    • hMMMM

      b/c gays can always tell their own?

  • Ernie

    #10 and #28

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