Fit women: Would you? Or would you run? (35 Photos)

  • @ecastroe

    my favorite post, hands down!! (there are some exceptions but still!!)


    some of these are damn HOT! but some are just take it wayyyyyyyyy too far for me… but vote on them at my site if you like.. make your voice heard as to who is hotter… 🙂 i'll be posting them tonight

  • k-9

    #6 dont let her give you a hand job.

  • King Wenceslaus

    #2 #4 #7 #32 — who are they?

  • Josh

    I met #3 up at the Arnold Expo in Ohio shes as awesome as she is fit.

  • meme

    Very low body fat % doesn't necessarily mean that they are "fit" some girls here are just skinny.

  • Yodaddy

    #10, #15, and #29 oh yes and twice on Sunday. A couple of others though(#19) I am pretty sure if they moved just a bit you'd be able to see their balls

  • robby

    FIND HER!! #22

  • DDD

    I would, and then I would again

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #22 Yes that one….that one indeed…

  • Woody1

    Ok so there are alot of hot chicks here and a few that are defintely on the juice…. #10 #14 #26 and #28 are all hot, however, #29 is pretty well perfect!

  • Jeremiah O'Callahan

    I'd have a roll with any one of these girls that would let me 🙂


    Give me number 27.29.and 12.They dont scare the hell out of me like the others.


    It appears that most of these pictures have been airbrushed,taking that into consideration,the ones where the girl is taking her own picture are more realistic,so no.11,27 and 35,you girls look like all American girls.The others, well they probably have no time for a B/F,more worried about themselves

  • DaPimp

    #5 AND #6 OMG .Feak show.Give me the girls who look fit without looking like they could kick the shit out of me……………..take me home #27,28 and 29

  • Sexy Girl

    I would let every single girl take me. Love it!!!

  • TomtheBomb

    Would go out on a limb and say that most of these women dont have a boyfriend,#5 looks like she lives in a tanning bed and has no hips.many of the others look as if they are roided up.Hope they dont find me.give me #'s 22,23,27,28,29,30,35 anyday,they look more of what a woman should look like

  • HarryPotter

    Take everyone of these girls

  • Paul T


  • Phillip

    Kudos to all of the girls,you all look great.#16 a little to much HGH that chin got to go.

  • Travis Schoenborn

    #13 shake weight works also which model do you think she has

  • Stoney

    Spent the last 40 minutes looking at all the girls,throw out the obvious juice heads,the Pro Fitness Models and the one's that I would most likely enjoy spending time with would be 28 and 29.Close second would be 27,great Abs there sister,love the UNDERBOOB.

  • Wilson Butters Auyeung

    #11 and #28! i think 28 is melanie mendez( or melendez i forget)

  • superdanman4290

    I said yes to most of them….the ones that don't look like they will choke me in bed. 😀


  • jose valdez

    #2 and #8 I'd run with. #10=Love that muff!!!!!!!

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