Fit women: Would you? Or would you run? (35 Photos)

  • chinarod

    find #28! For the love on all that is sexy FIND FIND FIND

  • Victor Morgan

    They all scare me, but I think I would at least give it a try.

  • Rob

    #1 in HQ!!!

  • ...."Hit it" or "run from it?" - VolNation

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  • Poolman


  • Poolman

    #19 nice ovaries

  • adrianfish

    #3 #10 #15 #26 # totally and #29 DAAAAMMN!!! fin her!

  • Paul

    I will take home #27 anytime not overly roided out or made up by professional photog.Looking good babe


    Love #29 would not run from her.,ost of the others would probably hurt me.

  • MikeNugent

    Give me a break most of these woman are doing some type of supplements,give me the girls who look like woman,that being said,would not run from #28,#27,#29 and #10.The girl in #27 looks familiar,I think i have seen her before,shout out to you #27,maybe will see you at Global Fitness.

    • GetFitwith...

      Re: 27… You are are very close MikeNugent but would have to go down the road a bit to run into me. 😉

    • MikeNuigent

      Think i may know were you work out #27,would really enjoy talking to you,maybe we could get together for a training session.Would enjoy gettingfitwithu

      • MikeNugent

        Have a Happy Holiday #27

  • Mau

    #16 Is Brooke Adams


    MORE ! MORE ! MORE !

  • guest

    Fit girls are awesome. Just the right amount of tone, physicality, and no counting bones through skin is great. But… when a girl's arms and legs are as big as mine, it freaks me the hell out.

  • GeorgiePodgie

    Ijust got back from vacation,always look forward to the Fit girls section of the CHIVE.I have to say all the girls are in great shape,hours of work in the gym has surely paid off,but some of them are just to manly for me.#3,#10,#27 and #29,would not run from them,Hey #27,would like to see the face that goes along with that great body.

  • Jason Reyes

    #14 without question… MOAR!

  • EarlthePearl

    Great selection of hard bodies,going out on a limb here,yes all these woman have some great bodies due to hours of dedicated work,but i think some of them have gone from being lady like to almost too masculine.To the girls who took their own pictures, you look awesome,the others,well anyone can have a pro-photog take a pic and make it look good.With that being said #10,#22,#36,#27 and #35 would not run from you ,would run from the others but they would probably catch me.

  • stresv

    Heck,Love the under-boob on #27.


    some more incredible photos
    thank you


    some more incredible photos
    thank you

  • omegaman

    #10 MOAR!!!!!

  • indyguy

    #27 for me boys,fit and toned not overdone.

  • Eddie Olazaran

    Yes to most of those. I love fit women.

    Especially #29! Gorgeous!

  • Short Bus All Stars

    a few of them are scary ….. that being said the others … um … yeah

  • Betrusco

    I’ll take #22 & #28 to go please… Hehehe

  • wanker

    #6, #13, #19, #24, #25 repelling

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