The Portabello Estate: I’m not jealous, I swear (26 HQ Photos)

Located in Corona Del Mar in Orange County, California the Portabello Estate was originally listed at a cool $76 million in 2006. However, the fantastical Estate was eventually sold in 2010 for $34.1 million (recession is a bitch).

The estate has over 22,000 square feet of oceanfront splendor and features eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms (and 5 half baths) and two saltwater pools surrounded by 3-storey high grotto cliffs. Of course there’s your standard 10-pin bowling lanes, 16-car garage, state-of-the-art movie theatre and automotive museum.

Life doesn’t suck.


  • teffler

    Unreal. just unreal. i want this place bad.

  • Syraphym

    I am jealous

  • ellenD

    So do you do this? Every time you buy something do you give twice that much to charity?

    …And it's Chive On.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #21 Now That bitch got a tucker….Look at that shit…WOW

    • TitoRigatoni

      Holy shit, that IS a Tucker! Pretty much doubled the number on my impressed-o-meter with this one pic. Good eye, Mr. Foxdale.

  • ellenD

    It's for kick ass parties.

  • Ace Rimmer

    If I was going to take a Jeremy Piven persona, it would be Don "The Goods" Ready.
    But Ace is working out fine for now, thanks. 😉

  • Zackula

    Why do rich people like their houses to look like tacky hotels?

  • Dorian Lima

    It's pretty sad that a comment about charity would get so much negative feedback :S

  • joe

    looks like iron man's house

  • Rpizz

    lol ever heard of google troll?

    • Bingo!

      No, but I HAVE head of giggle!

  • ImpressMe

    Had the opportunity to attend a Museum fundraiser there several years ago…..the people who owned it then were very nice…not pretentious at all….the downstairs is designed like a small town mainstreet…At the time they held charity functions there alot. I hope the new owner continues that tradition….oh..did I mention it has its own ice cream parlor and 50s diner? lol Too much fun…..

  • NJF

    lol Chive up.
    Chive about, or Chive willy nilly.

  • Matt

    Did anyone notice the beer bottle inside the ball in #9 ? lol

  • ranD

    i WISH i lived next door, even if it was in a shithole. id make super good friends with this guy and reap all the benefits of the badass house and not have any of the bills!!

  • word up

    do u spend twice the amount u make in a month on other people? if you don't then shut up u prick

  • simon

    could not put that any better

  • tdr

    Grotesque … the person who originally owned it probably had a little tiny dick …

  • bunedoggle

    #3 Honey I was gonna get you some jewelery but I couldn't decide which one so I just bought you a whole Kay Jewelers.

  • Charlie

    It's alright, but it's nothing on my flat which has first class gaps between the wall and windows and the best non central heating 😀

  • frankchives

    Pretty nice, but the beach sucks, it's all rocky.

  • Adam

    #6 I would kill to have a movie theatre in my place it would save the money of going to see an evening showing of Transformers 3 in IMAX 3D the ticket is like $19.00 It's a movie you just have to see in IMAX.

  • Mac

    Something about this house reminds me of The Flintstones..

  • Ty-Ty

    those people worked hard for their money, and as everyone else said, probably already donate massive amounts to charity. I cant figure out if your more of an idiot or a douche. bit of both really. (bring it on grammar nazi's i know its not correct, nor do i care, its the internet)

  • Sugreev2001

    Holy Shit ! I'd trade my Townhouse for that anyday

  • codvip

    My apartment just started leaking.

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