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80’s safety game has great lessons for the “life illiterate” (27 Photos)

This game, called ‘Let’s Be Safe!’, actually exists. And I won’t lie, this post is random as all hell. But somehow it made me laugh. What can I say I’m a child of 80’s lessons and propaganda.

  • Anonymous

    #16 – “The kitchen is thataway!”

  • VedHead77

    #16 – "The kitchen is that-a-way!"

  • Ned Shidoinks

    Really? Ask a grown up who is playing "pocket pool" to help. Good call Pedo Bear…..

  • Green Mountain Boy

    If they offer you marijuana cigarettes, say no. Tell them you only smoke from a bong or a vaporizor because that's the safe way to smoke pot.

  • fed

    #10 there is something weird in your neighborhood

    solution: GHOSTBUSTERS!

  • Bianka Nagy

    Usually after an old creepy man asks a kid to keep a secret he puts them on their lap and does stuff, you know, "It's our little secret!"

  • CJk

    #26 – If a grown man wearing short shorts stands in front of you like this, turn around and walk away as fast as possible. Tell an adult.

  • Alexandeath Wehwalt Orozco

    Wow, now I know what to do in every circumstance of my life; world's filled with creeps n pervies everywhere…

    in #9 starts the paradox

  • waltgator

    ummm? i dont remember these?!

  • HuskerDu

    Let the memes begin…

  • muffin

    Problem: Every day you get dragged around the track at school by your underwear for being such a freak.
    Solution: Live in your mom's basement, and build a website called "The Green Onion" until you die.

  • Thor

    Ouch. Harsh.

  • Jeffrey Scott

    Problem: A friend asks you to play the "Let's Be Safe" game.
    Solution: Just say NO! Tell a parent.

  • BeccaB86

    I just figured Whitney ran out of stuff to take off… no more incentive.

  • Parent

    They should still make these. All good advise here. Not sure what the joke is?

  • Sammo

    I would not own any pets if i stopped helping stray dogs

  • Kaiwatha

    #19, #20 and #21 are so creepy…

  • Coldzilla

    I hummed The Safety Dance while reading…….

  • Tyler Durden

    Where can I get this game for my kids???

  • Patrick

    I don't remember being this worried about getting raped when I was a kid.

  • bigdeal

    y u no stfu? bad engrish funny idiot.

    • Indifferent Man


  • Oolon Colluphid

    #6 #1 Isn't the neighbor you go to in 6 the one you're supposed to say No to in 1?

  • Andy C

    So this is a board gam dedicated to detering pedophiles and creating narcs?

  • karigann

    Solution: make sure you have enough to share =)

  • what ever

    let's be DB

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