80’s safety game has great lessons for the “life illiterate” (27 Photos)

This game, called ‘Let’s Be Safe!’, actually exists. And I won’t lie, this post is random as all hell. But somehow it made me laugh. What can I say I’m a child of 80’s lessons and propaganda.

  • Steven

    These are more like guidelines not rules right?

  • Nicnac

    Well duh…. consult your 80's trading cards…

  • Guthrie

    #10 Screw that, I'm petting that dog he looks awesome

    • Frankie

      just leave the mother f…ing dog alone!

  • myragehush

    Problem: You are bored and have nothing to do.
    Solution: Go to theChive. Tell a grown-up.

  • tim

    This is some awesome stuff. For mature and sophisticated and cultured and also sophisticated chivers this stuff is obvious, for for 4 year olds this stuff is gold. And since it is in game form little kids will actually WANT to learn this stuff.
    Also, #19 should be "don't tell kids secrets because kids are stupid and will tell everyone"

  • Dan

    Wait…isn't #1 the same guy as #6?

  • Malkintosh22

    Problem: A strange looking bear asks you to come with him.
    Solution: Go with him because he probably has some kickass bear friends.

  • eclipze

    #13 .. NEVER EVER SAY NO since it's your friend.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rbuitenkamp Rutger Buitenkamp

    #13 alcohol is bad ? oh my god!

  • MacNCheesePro

    They should use this in schools now. After watching the news, I can tell that a lot of kids are fuckin stupid and have no common sense.

  • Keyeh

    Problem: U bitch about the content that you get on a website for FREE. Solution: GTFO if you dont like FREE stuff

    • dumbass=you

      Its not free, you're paying them in ad revenue

  • spencur

    #20 could have got some

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