Arizona Cardinals Darnell Dockett live Tweets run in with the cops–OWNS them (11 Photos)


  • eo2

    What a buch of bunk to get away with destroying property.

  • Vic

    What I am saying is you can't really understand why things go the way they do with out BOTH sides of the story. It's easy to judge from only 1 side. Oh and people do lie all the time. To believe one with out truly knowing what the full story is would be ignorant. Bottom line, know your rights, but you don't have to be a ass. Turning up the music when an Officer is talking to you is just rude and probably prolonged this encounter.

    • McBeastie

      "People refuse for a reason. Everyone knows that." Yeah, really seems like you are trying to have an open mind and see all sides of the story. It's fine to back up the cops on this, but that doesn't mean that the citizen either has something to hide or is being a dick. Those aren't the only two options. "What if he just left a crack house?" Seriously? What if the cops just left a fucking crack house? It's not relevant. And I'll say it again. The outcome of the story speaks volumes. He left the scene without even getting a ticket. I think that says a lot right there.

  • Pat Overton

    Hey Willy, why don't you just stop talking for awhile? You're getting killed here! Would include more here but various other posters have touched on all my points, so I'll just say, "Shut the fuck up!"

  • Mike

    LOL… really didn't comprehend what I wrote…..

    He got out of it because there was no probable cause for it. Reasonable suspicion and probable cause are two different things….

    Gloating about the warrant is what makes him look like an idiot because no warrant is required if probable cause exists.

    Try harder next time.

  • Chris Biller

    I wish they would've pulled his idiotic ass out of the car and curb-stomped him for nothing other than his piss-poor grammar. No, I'm not kidding.

  • SinistertheWicked

    Funny how people will let themselves be felt up the crotch and breasts by TSA agents at the airport and not let a cop, who may have a reasonable concern since you're speeding and acting suspicious and Tweeting instead of cooperating thus, wanting to search you car) take a peek in your trunk?….. whatever, this guy's a complete tool.

  • That Guy

    very true but the interpretation of certain terms like 'probable cause' is subject to each state. most federal laws are vague enough to give the state some leeway in writing their own laws.

    • Not That Guy

      I'm going to take a wild guess that you're not a lawyer, That Guy. Courts are not interpreting state laws or federal laws when they provide definitions for concepts like "probable cause" or "reasonable suspicion." Those concepts and interpretations come straight out of the common law (read: from the courts themselves and not state or federal legislatures). Moreover, state courts have to yield to federal courts (specifically The Supreme Court of the United States) on interpretations of federal law, which obviously includes the federal Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The ACLU website has some great resources on all of this for anyone interested in knowing what their rights actually are.

  • Unkle Hymie

    So basically NIck, if you would have been in his shoes, the police would have searched your car because according to you, they had the legal right. Darnell denied them from entering his vehicle without a warrant. If you're a defense lawyer you must really be a sh|tty one…which explains why you are in the comment section of The Chive during the middle of the day. Court must not be in session eh?

    You may also want to read the 4th amendment re: illegal search and seizure. A defense lawyer would most likely be able to get anything obtained in a search in this case excluded…well, a good defense lawyer anyway.

    So Nick…just FYI, taking a mail-order paralegal course does not a lawyer make.

  • downfall616

    i get pulled over for doing 88 in a 70, cop knocks ticket speed to just 10 over, i get the ticket and leave (10 mins). i get pulled over for doing 76 in a 70, cop tries for 45 min to get to look in my car, pats my down, tries to be sneaky and get me to trip over my words and grills me over my past. eventually go free with no ticket! (60 mins) FUCK ASSHOLE LAW ENFORCEMENT!!!

  • ssstoopid

    I second that amen.

  • ssstoopid

    If it's a crime scene, they can search it.

  • Mike

    Reasonable suspicion means the police officer had a reasonable belief, based on facts that were clearly articulable that Dockett was, is or is about to be involved in criminal activity (which includes possession of contraband).

    NOW, when I said "force compliance to a search, i wasn't talking about coercing Dockett into consenting, I was talking about making the search good (ie: As you said, the officers no longer care if he doesn't want the truck searched). On that point our definition is the same despite the syntax being different. Of course they weren't ACTUALLY trying to obtain a magistrate-endorsed warrant. They were likely A) jerking him around a little in response to his behavior toward them and/or B) trying to figure out amongst themselves what to do next.
    It's ridiculous to argue this further. Neither one of us knows exactly what transpired during that stop. We only see one VERY OBVIOUSLY biased account. My initial point was simply to provide a counterpoint to the rampant "fuck da police, dey needz a warrant!" sentiment that's all over this thread because frankly, it's damned stupid.

    • Tyler Rozelle

      you sir are obviously a jackass, were the police courteous and respectful to DOckett when they made him sit there for 2 hours. Just because they "want" to search the car doesn't mean they can.

  • Crackhead

    That kinda shit happens to me and everyone else on "COPS" all the time! It's never ours; it is always a friends but I don't really know them that well

  • Blob Marley

    All they need to do is get the K9 unit to have probable cause to search the car.

    There was a study done about crimes committed by race in my state, and it was compared to police traffic stop statistics. It showed that for the percentage of crime committed annually by blacks and latinos, they were actually pulled over at a statistically lower rate than whites even though they had a much lower rate of crime.

    Just sayin…

  • Jak

    True story. When I was 15 I bought a car and got pulled over the 1st month I was diving it. The cops said they ran the plates and the car had been reported for smuggling drugs into AZ from mexico. My buddy and I were high as shit.

    • Anonymous


  • teh_shard

    So if he wasn't taken into custody… and they didn't have probable cause… and they couldn't get a warrant… why did he have to wait for them to dick around? Seems to me that he was being unreasonably detained. Short of calling in a K9 unit to walk around the car, there was nothing they could have achieved in those hours he was being compelled to wait.

  • plxaurus

    Those canucks are where all the cocaine is coming from.

  • McBeastie

    Then stop replying. Simple. And not even the point.

  • Bleedblue4life

    the grammar of those tweets is impecable, and he has way more money than me =(

  • ZachBob

    it's not a very tasty cheese. and it smells terrible.

    • Eliana

      I know many white americans that smells terrible too…sooo

  • ted stevens

    Reality: "Yes sir Mr. Officer Sir"

    Twitter: "I told dat pig he could suck my dick son what what"

    For behaving like that he's lucky they didn't tase his ass and drag him out of the car.

  • Sixx

    F this guy. not because of this, but because I had him on my fantasy team and he sucked. feel free to make a tackle, or God forbid, a sack.

  • Trent

    What even more people don't realize is that anyone can go to jail for not having identification. Trust me, I spent the night in jail with a white guy whose only charge was "failure to show id". It's not just the immigrants, people.

  • Trent

    Yeah, we'll see how smart he is when the k9 come…

  • Trent

    What is he some type of lawyer or somethin'? Some body important or somethin'?

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