Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

  • n@m3

    # 8 yes please

    • shaka

      #8 idiot

  • Matt

    #4 When dad talked about going to a cat house, mom always assumed he was seeing hookers.

  • DanielB

    #7 Thats the longest cock ive seen all week

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Just when I thought the white one was too much
      …along came the Black One.

  • DanielB

    #14 Can somebody plz photoshop a pair of jeans on these 2 plz

  • SWG Fan

    #13 How to properly binge Chive after missing the site for a week.

  • JFrost

    #12 Aww, he's probably just trying to avoid brain-scrambling radiation.

  • Matt

    #7 Cocktails anyone?

  • sam

    #8 is belinda baggs. the most beautiful surfer you'll ever see. there's a photo from patagonia (the brand) with her nose riding with a bird flying next to her. pretty amazing.

  • Andrew

    #2 Milledgeville GA around the corner from my house

  • liberty

    #8 is original 1958 "toes on the nose" where the expression "hang ten" comes from. before anorexia and breat augmentation thats how beach girls rolllled

  • Bill

    #3 translation = take a wizz

  • Sylvester_Jr

    #7 Bitch, where'd you get your weave?

  • jeffurry

    dunno, i like #12

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1559118642 Cristian Campeanu

    #5 What Star Wars Ep 1 should have looked like.

  • Chicago_Animal

    Fuck you Chive!!!!!

    Site isnt worth the aggravation of the pop-up you are shoving down the throats of your mobile viewers!!!!

  • Chicago_Animal

    12: Chive FAIL!! Anything Lenny Kravitz does is Awesome!!

  • misschris

    #3 Must be the phone booth people use to call for cabs outside the bar

    • BloodScrubber

      you mis-spelled ..crabs….. …lol mc

  • http://www.facebook.com/seannyfleming Sean Fleming

    #22 iStock Photo lol

  • OhSomeEvil

    #6 oh shitt!
    #22 ROFLED!!!!!!!!!

    • Da-rrell

      What is #22 from?!

      • OhSomeEvil

        The Last Exorcism —- movie was wack.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/gfeinberg86 GreyGhost9

    put my name in for the drawing, i would like a free gun!

  • Nicnac

    #18 You better hope George Lucas doesn't get this idea in his head…. Jar Jar amongst the elves?

  • Chiefs420

    #13 – Maybe don't whack down the Costco size box of Cheez-Its and you won't have to spend so much time in the shitter.

  • myragehush

    Looks shopped.

  • Raph

    #18 is the tits!

  • Chad

    #10 Made me laugh too funny.

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