• intensedebate1

    Another dumb FATTY post.

    • Fatty FAT FAT

      Didn’t Fatty screw up a whole order of T-shirts not too long ago? Combine that with his continual crappy posts and he still has a job????

      • Matthew

        Patty is an inspiration to millions of people around the globe. I respect him more than Jesus, take your hate elsewhere!

        • Proxy

          Wow, you're easy to impress

      • Give Carl your Anger

        Patty is a pretty inspirational dude, lay off of him.

        • Intensedebate1

          God bless fat America. He was an inspiration when he ate all that food and drank all that booz. Now u want me to pat him on his back for undoing his own fat mistakes. That's the millennium generation for you. Every one gets a trophy for participating.

          • Sage

            Gotta agree with u man this sucked

  • Intensemasterdebater

    Googled "Donkey Bangs Girl" and this is what I got….

  • sniggi


    • craig b from ct

      i see what you did there..

  • Random

    She's cute, I'd like to check out her ass…. no, not that ass, the other ass

  • DonkeyWhisperer

    Translation: "Hey baby. How you doin'?"

  • Nando

    I'd love that sound as a car alarm

  • dan

    lol after it farted the donkey start laughing at its own ass-ness

  • Mr_Rob

    FIND HIM!!

    • Assholes

      See any random Chiver.

  • boatdrinks4u2

    kakia kracivia devuska

  • Coldzilla

    Well since all the Ass jokes seem to be taken…………

  • D_K

    He must have swallowed that cars keyless entry remote. Everytime he farts he locks the doors.

  • Greg

    what a jackass

  • Dicken's Cider

    Maybe she was held back 5 years

  • KeyserSoze

    I can't decide if she's cute or not. She has kindof an unusual Eurasian cuteness…

  • Urban

    This was bad. Perhaps stalling to make DAR kick-ass today?

  • Rufio07

    I thought it was going to take a dump

  • #387

    Random: "I was just coming over to help her straighten out her life honestly!" Chris: "How are you going to straighten out her life with vodka and condoms?" Random: "Errrrr…..Uuuuh….."

    • varlotto

      I'd like to straighten out her back ;D

  • Jimbo_Slice

    i think her smile made it better than it already was.

  • AJMV7

    Screw the donkey, i couldnt take my eyes off her ❤

  • First

    singapore, singapore

  • bigmikeskinsfan

    dat ass

  • Uncle Scotty

    Oh, WOW! That was HILARIOUS!!

  • Garu_wit_juju

    Democrats always start making noise every four years. Grow a pair already.

  • BeardPapa

    I vote for…. FIND HER

  • Pants

    Well ain't she a purty one.

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