Randomness: the pursuit of happiness (44 HQ Photos)

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  • SMK

    Those girls sang our song B-E-A-UTIFUL!

    • 90sgamer

      No question! Really talented young girls!
      But it's quite sad to see so little kids exploited like that. They were made to be pop stars and to be shown off to the world so they could say "Aww, how cute".
      I prefer this version:

      Those guys really know what they are singing and why.

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  • JAFitC

    Listening to those girls sing brought a lump in my throat and a tear rolling down my right cheek. Beautiful, just beautiful. God bless America!

  • backwater bandit

    rick, ya done yourself proud on this one. keep rocken on

    • Rick

      thank you

  • Eddie

    God bless America.

  • CBRian1K

    Happy Fourth of July America. God Bless.

    A proud Canadian neighbor.

    • Wing Zero

      Thanks. And during the next Canadian Holiday, we'll all join you in a round of "Oh Canada."

  • fuck you

    america will be eliminated soon

    • Rick

      you're free to say that, but don't over think it

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  • Ikont

    Pic 21 : This Charger has a licence plate from Essen, my hometown in Germany, sweet detail. Proud to live in CA for the last four years. Awesome Pictures !

  • Greg

    I love Miller Park : ) #19

    • Rick

      they're having a good year, happy someone recognized it

  • equalizermax

    #20 – Moar pics from Wonder woman!

  • John Casper

    Yeah, the American pride. Guns, fireworks and fishing. What a great country! Today we celebrate, tomorrow we kill innocent people for oil. Let's get drunk, people!

    • JAFitC

      You, sir, couldn't reason yourself out of a brown paper bag. If the goal of a war was oil, we'd have
      attacked Venezuela or Mexico or Canada.

      • J. Heckelr

        You would attack Venezuela or Mexico or Canada for no reason and everybody would know it was for oil…you had (or at least said you had) another reasons to attack other countries and still look like "the leaders of the free world"… The USA are already trying to create a conflit with Venezuela so that they could do it in case they need it. Face it, your country screws the entire world while it proclaims to be the savior.

        • Proud American

          "You would attack Venezuela or Mexico or Canada for no reason and everybody would know it was for oil… "

          You dumb ass! Read what you wrote to yourself a few times and hopefully you'll realize what such a dumb shit you are and not open your mouth again! Go ahead, think about what you just wrote.

          I bet you live here in the United States, too. You're entitled to your opinions, but if you do live here and have a problem with this country then get the fuck out! The United States of America has done more good for other countries than anyone! Saying we screw the entire world is such a childish statement and proves just how uneducated you are about shit!

          Look at how fucked up those countries are we have conflicts with. Not the people of those countries. Their Government/ Rulers. Their governments will twist shit to try an make us look bad. No, we're not perfect either! No country is perfect! But I'll tell you this, this is the GREATEST country in the world and I'll stand by it, even if I may not agree with everything!

          By the way. Fuck Hugo Chavez and his oil! That pussy is too paranoid! Him and that big headed mother fucker Kim Jong-il are the ones trying to start shit with us! Words of wisdom…CAREFUL WHO YOU POKE A STICK AT!

          Sorry for my harsh language, but I wanted to write it so the dick head above could understand!

          What is he doing sticking his nose in this topic for anyway. Trying to start shit?


          • nemesis

            Wow. What a cunt.

      • that one guy

        Take the oil nearest Russia and China before oil in our sphere of influence – poli sci 101

    • TiminPhx

      You show how you are some little cliche spouting Leftist. You think you are clever saying something you heard at your community college from your ponytail wearing instructor.

      Face it, you couldn't name the countries we are at war with, you are a hypocrite if you drive any car, or buy items at a store (sense they were harvested, or manufactured, or shipped thanks to oil) and a thousand other ways you are just an idiot.

      You have daddy issues and thus hate the United States. You are spoiled, whiny, and wouldn't rate shining the shoes of the men and women represented on this site.

      • nemesis

        And you, sir, are a cunt.

    • 90sgamer

      I do not want to add a lot to this discussions main topic, just something I noted:
      Whenever somebody says something AGAINST America, American pride, patriotism or war and a discussion breaks out, it is always the people who claim to be the good, patriotic Americans who are the first (and often only) ones calling other people names, saying they are "dumb as shit" etc.
      Trying to be a neutral observer of these discussion, I can only come to the conclusion that one side is more well-behaved, educated and reasonable than the other.
      Please: Prove me wrong!

      • Frank

        ^This. You can't point out the flaws in America without being instantly insulted and told that you're messing with "the greatest nation on earth".

  • chuck

    N here i thought it was a black lady singing.

  • faemike55

    They sang it beautifully
    Makes one proud!!!

  • drgtallon

    Thank God I am an American! God bless al thoes serving here at home, and thoes abroad who defend the freedoms we all enjoy in this country! Happy 4th of July!!!!!

  • Coldzilla

    Pursue away!

    Happy 4th to out friends South of the 49th and a special shout out to those serving!


  • abtr

    #11 fark, id like to deployed with her!

    • Bri

      MOAR must find

  • Stacyface


    holy shit!! my gawd those are big guns

    Happy Fourth!!

    • asmokki

      i was just thinking about this picture… WHAT IS A PROUD FINNISH SOLDIER DOING IN THE MIDDLE OF AMERICUNTS!!?!

  • tom

    independence from a tyrannical taxing empire.. wait a second..

    • Wing Zero

      I see what you did there.

  • ddfadfd

    #22 what the fuck??? bullshit

    • Apollo

      War Damn Eagle!

  • miro

    fuck you brigade if you're going to put videos on autoplay at the bottom of a page!

  • ChronicWanker

    Wow great who gives a fuck? Get over yourselves, you're not that great.

    • The NON Swede

      I beg to differ, and if you have a problem, get off our American site.

      • ChronicWanker

        HAHA "american site". This is the WORLD wide web, I don't give a fuck where the servers are based. I'll go to any fucking site I please you ball licker, and if you have a problem, get the fuck off the internet. You USA fags should stop jackin each other off and cumming into the stars and stripes and open your fucking eyes. Look at all the horrible death and destruction you and your awesome military are responsible for. Wake up douchebag.

        • Boner Poop

          haha, the only reason you "see the damage we cause" is because it is released to the entire planet. While countless villages in Africa are slaughtered for child soldiers, and other countries slaughter thousands of neighbors for oil. While every action America takes, every country in the world sees it and dissects. With out America China would be the world leader, so your welcome.

  • Dennis

    #11 FIND HER!!

  • Zach West

    Thank God for our Troops and War Damn Eagle!

    P.S. Merica!

  • grog

    Fuck Yeah!!

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