• http://www.facebook.com/michael.bridgett1 Michael Bridgett

    #1 i got it, i got it

  • Argonautica

    This is what Fallujah looks like, every corner. Used to have those wires being ripped down cause out MRAPS and 7tons were too tall.

  • jeff

    #1 thanks for the red arrow…… might have fucking missed that one

  • moeshere foxdale

    #15 Yea…Dum ass hit that…go for it…LOL

    • Matrim42

      Said the person who doesn't know much about explosives. They're not really doing anything dangerous. He could drive that spike clean through the round and nothing would happen.

  • Cavall

    In soviet russia, YOU hold up the ladder!

  • mtpuckhead

    Don't really see the issues here. The look pretty legit to me.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.barstow Kevin Barstow

    dumbasses……. they are outthere….

  • BoJangles

    Survival of the most idiotic…#21 Break Check!

  • JHL1

    This actually looks like the safest one of the whole post.

  • Chris

    I am now in favour of eugenics.

  • schango

    I've refrigerators fly off the back of pickup trucks on the freeway. I doubt this would help,the mattress will catch wind like a freaken kite and send them both flying.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Ben.Bossman.McCue Benjamin H McCue

    wow i've done some dumb shit but ALOT of those look like they'd be outa my question

  • dzein


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  • northerner

    Those of people up high being stupid gives me the willys just thinking of it. Gak. No flippin' way.

  • knightmare67

    For #17, what happens when she has to stop? She can’t put her feet down to balance the bike while at a stoplight.

  • karlykr

    The unfortunate outcomes of these stupid acts:

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  • Boss Ross PT

    #5 this iz so wrong at so many levels….

  • R2D2lover

    I once had a guy in front of me on the highway stop B/C he left a 6pack on his bumper

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