There are giants out there. GIANTS I tell ya! (33 Photos)

  • Dylan

    OK, so I generally agree with you on this as far as the moose are concerned, but wild boar are extremely invasive and destructive both to the environment and to agriculture. They are often found wreaking havoc in sensitive eco-systems. Park services will often pay a bounty on any wild boar killed. The removal of invasive species such as these pigs is a critical part of any conservation effort. Also, a lot of boar hunters employ the traditional method of hunting with dogs and a knife or spear, If that isn't sporting I don't know what is.

    • gaz

      not building a park on land where boars hunt then saying they are getting in the way we should thin there numbers. or it's coming right for us shoot it

      • Brent

        Hunters and and the proceeds from hunting licenses and hunting organizations do far more for wildlife conservation than any Internet toughguy on his high horse preaching about how terrible hunters are in a comments section ever will. Do some research instead of before spouting off misinformed rhetoric about how evil hunters are. Poachers, the ones who illegally kill wildlife out of season and without harvesting the meat, are the ones to be angry at.

        • Hotsauce101

          That doesn't make "Sport hunting" as an act itself less evil.

          You have to be concerned about people who think killing is fun… You want to do it as pest control, or to limit populations, fine, do it, but you generally don't strike a pose and get real excited about doing it. I don't clap my hands and get a hard on every time I get a mouse in one of my traps like hunters do when they kill something for no real reason.

  • Raph

    #30, EFFFF THAT!!!!!!!!!!

  • gaz

    hey there's something big and unusual…….get the gun let's kill it

  • Brad

    link to the story?

    • aaron

      That story has been debunked over and over. It's not real.

  • Brad

    there's been bigger ones on other fishing shows I've seen…

  • Mystykk Mysterio

    #1 #14 #15


    • guest

      Hey, I know me my Brian Regan and that's some good Brian Regan!!

  • Brad

    called that because they eat coconuts, their meat is supposed to be sweet and taste like it…



    • fdsfsd

      They weigh a lot less when they've cut the guts out. Then they get a little tracked tractor thing, drag them out to the road, and load them on to a truck.

  • NOOT


    A Moose bit my sister once……..

  • Evelyn Ponce Quintero

    #14 why the fuck would you kill it???

    • ghfgfgfd

      In sweden we have to much moose. The government lets hunters shoot the specific amount of moose each year to reduce the numbers, so the don't starve and cause to many traffic accidents. Traffic collisions with moose are almost always fatal.

  • Jak

    Redundant sentence is redundant

  • Screwdriver

    #20 Japanese Hornets……these will mess your ass up. I was in Japan and was told to be very careful and run like hell if I see one.

    • Brad

      National Geographic has a documentary on the Japanese giant hornets and it features three of them wiping out an entire beehive. Talk about bad ass bugs!

  • Brad

    This is a giant freshwater stingray and could grow to at least 6 feet across.

  • BigPoker

    #21 Is that a spider taking down a fucking bird?

    • Mokuseitora

      why, yes… yes it is… and what did you have to fight for lunch today?

    • Brad

      looks like the fighting alien bugs in District 9

  • mr.plow

    I hate bugs, they're actually aliens..

  • Mokuseitora

    Guess you haven't been on the Chive long… even some of the girl posts are tricky.

  • Brad

    nope, that's a giant squid there bud…

  •!/gfeinberg86 GreyGhost9

    OMG F@#$ that i am never going to Asia, unless i can bring a flamethrower.

  • sammuelchase

    id imagine this guards the gates of hell

  • Kaylie

    it's from this site

  • TitoRigatoni

    This is actually a Nomura's Jellyfish, the tentacles aren't as long as a Lion's Mane. They get to be about 6 feet across, the bell on this one looks to be about 30 feet across. And it looks to be farther from the camera than the diver, so it's not a perspective thing. I say 'shopped until proven otherwise.

  • robsterling

    Holy crap! The aliens have come for our Doritos!

  • Billy

    Well put it the fuck back….

    • Brother Maynard

      They are related to shrimp. A 3 pound shrimp need some garlic butter.

      • Pouet

        Acttually they are more related to woodlouse. But yeah they are a bit bigger ^^.

    • Lucas

      This comment.

    • OhioChiver

      Billy…That is the best laugh I've had today. Epic reply. ^_^

  • Brad

    LOL @ Napoleon Dynamite reference!

  • Smooth

    Theyre all shopped. PLEASE SAY THEYRE SHOPPED!!!

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