There are giants out there. GIANTS I tell ya! (33 Photos)

  • ellenD


  • ChrisUKnow

    Thanks for keeping the giant spiders to a minimum.

    • amrith777

      Yeah–but STILL o.0

  • doreen

    #11 SHOPPED! duh…….

  • Glenbo

    In Canada where I live there are usually regulations that don't let you hunt the younger animals, only the older, larger animals with lots of points and large racks.

    • Sterling Crawford

      Kinda defeats the point of "survival of fittest"? If you're solely killing ones that have proven they can stand the test of time, you're basically leaving the dumb young ones to reproduce, ensuring a diluted species.

      • Stan

        Lawyers do it for humans so why is it bad to do the saame for the animals?

      • kired

        Actually for an animal to reach that size there is a strong likely hood that the genetics have been passed on all ready. For a moose to obtain that size they will have been functionally mature for several years. Rack sizes also vary based on nutrients so they are not always a good indicator of age, or necessarily the best suited individual for survival in the wild. Racks also decline in later years of their lives (the same can be said of women).

  • NikiNoPants

    Hell to the no. Never should've looked at this post…..eek

  • Chris Lee

    #26 is a Liger. Bred for it's skills in Magic

    • Chris Lee

      just noticed someone else posted this too…. *oops

  • Adam Purcell

    Agreed, especially the one in #33. So awesome.

  • Maytrix

    I just want to know where it lives so I can avoid going there!! YIKES!!

  • Karen

    i tinkled 😦

  • paulhitchcock

    Yes ma'am, it is. I didn't say moose weren't big, just that there was nothing special about those three. The Yukon moose can be 7.5 feet tall *at the shoulder*, and that's "normal-sized." Sheesh!

  • fifa

    Damn anyone who kills for sport, poor moose.
    On another note, what the hell is number 23??

    • top dog

      #23 is a giant sunfish. There is no telling how old this one is, probably over 100 years old.

    • Frank

      I think there should be an open season of all hypocritical, ignorant fools who eat meat but hate on hunters.

      I'd buy one.

  • Gary

    #14 "i shot it, and then i raped it"

    • Joe Normal

      I can't believe there are so many whiny-bitch hippies on here.

  • Angie

    #29 How to fuck with a stoner

  • Anonymous

    #23 what is that?

  • ako

    This picture made me lose my shit.

    • Aubrey

      ME TOO I'M FREAKING OUT. You can't smash something that big it's giant fang would go through my shoe.

  • top dog

    Speaking of giants, no blue whale? Which is the largest animal on the planet, and no elephant, which is the largest land animal. Then there is the giraffe, which is the tallest animal on the planet. Some of these animals get big naturally, like #2 & #3. The rest are freaks of nature, or insane breeding, like #11 & #26, We really should not do that.

  • Cindy

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH #21. I am never leaving my house again. Why does that even exist? Is the bird population that bad that we need to thin it down with bird eating spiders?

  • his airness

    This is the dumbest comment ever. Ever.
    Leocast – have you ever even seen a moose in person?
    They are HUGE and will trample you in a heartbeat.
    Show me the pictures when you kill a moose with a knife or sword.
    And to all of you amateur Darwins out there – have you ever thought that the old animals have ALREADY bred offspring – besides, WTF do you know about wildlife biology???

    • Ace_Hood

      And do you know how to take a joke? Damn, it's not like he's serious, calm down bro lol

  • MPCurt

    I hate these idiots who shoot these animals and pose with the dead thing like ” yeah. Look what i did”. I’ve owned lots of guns but i never shot some poor moose. Or anything other than paper targets. How is it fun to do this. The animals are oblivious to the danger and they dont stand a chance. Such heartless stupid people. You need meat do ya? Go to the friggin store and buy it. We all enjoy eating it but who the hell enjoys killing it.

    • Nolanator87

      Really, just go to the store? So, it's better in your eyes for cows and pigs to be slaughtered in mass numbers in slaughter houses than to go out and kill a deer, elk, moose, or boar that tastes much better than anything you will get in a store and only hurts one animal, as opposed to the thousands that were killed in the slaughter house? I hope you see how little sense you are making.

      To all the people who are criticizing the hunters in these pictures, shut up. As has been said before, the boars are dangerous and destructive. They kill and destroy anything that gets in their way. As for the moose, they taste amazing and make great trophies.

      • Tracker

        Thats BS and you know it nokanator87, half of the people that shoot these animale don't eat them, they just want the rack/antlers. True hunters that hunt for food use every part of the animal, antlers for tools, hide for clothing, and the meat to sustain life, none of the kill is wasted, the animal is very respected in the real hunter's world.

        • Joe

          Sorry, it's obvious you are talking out of your ass, and have a childish view of the world.

          Visit a hunting club, learn something, and come back here and make posts that aren't ignorant and childish.

        • Joe

          Did you know its illegal to shoot animal for its horns?

          You speak as though you know what a "real hunter" is, yet have apparently learned all you know about it from a Disney film.

          Grow up child.

        • Nolanator87

          Trust me, you have no idea what you are talking about. Nobody hunts elk and moose to not eat them. With the time it takes to track and actually get the kill, plus how long it takes to have your name drawn in the friggin lottery in to even go hunting for those animals legally, you will use as much of the animal that you can when you kill it.

          My father and sister both hunt on a regular basis and the deer they bring home tastes soooo much better than anything you could ever buy at a grocery store. Backstrap from a 220 pound whitetail deer or a seared elk liver will always taste better than anything you have ever eaten.

  • Michael Cerda
  • Michael Cerda

    1. I fail at embedding pics
    2. How do you delete your own chive post?

  • flow1

    unicorn pretty much?

  • Minh Dinh

    i really liked this gallery. should have more on stuff like this about the animal kingdom 🙂

  • Aubrey

    They must love doritos

  • GK4

    What the hell so you feed him?
    a HORSE every week?

    • Country Boy

      I have an American Mastiff, so I can relate to these pictures… As for their diet – burglars, thiefs, drug dealers, crackheads… We have had to cut down on the drug dealers and crack heads though cause they were starting to make her sick…

      LOL seriously though, we go through a 30 lbs bag of high quality dog food every 2 weeks and mine is still pretty small – 120 lbs at 11 months.

      • X-S

        well, he deserves it B)

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