There are giants out there. GIANTS I tell ya! (33 Photos)

  • jeffurry

    #2 #12 shopped

  • Disease61

    What the hell is #29 and where can I get one

  • alexri

    Half of this post makes me want to scream.

  • Dapper_Dave

    Two words…..hebbie gebbies …..I have them now

  • UPSgrrrL88

    #5 #8 #16 #20 #21 #24 #30 ALL NEED TO BE KILLED WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #30 needs to be slow roasted over fire. Mmmmm mmmm.

  • guest

    Fuck any and all of those insects.

  • dragon

    WTF is #29

  • skull head

    Do you think hunters just shoot these and leave them? They are hunting for meat. not for something to hang on their wall. Typical comments from people that know absolutely nothing about hunting.

    • Brent

      Amen brother

    • not important

      You gotta be kidding me. While most hunters aren’t this way, there is such a thing as a community of prize hunting. They kill the biggest shit so they can say they did. Don’t say this “for meat” shit. My wifes uncle travels across county to shoot shit like huge elk and mountain lions. If it was “for the meat” he wouldn’t be dropping hundreds of bucks and then some more money on getting them stuffed.

  • dragon

    is this what crisps look like alive

  • hairy dumbledore

    cant stand hunting for sport. its disgracing the animal that was just killed. if you hunt, use the whole animal and dont waste a thing. thank it for giving you the gifts of its body. dont pose for a fucking picture

  • amrith777

    Or lunch (like I am now)

  • amrith777

    Ironically–even though this is huge–the smallest jelly fish-the irukandji-is considered very deadly.I saw a show on Discovery about them and they had to put netting up where people swam because they were getting stung and they were almost even small enough to breach the netting–FUCK THAT!!
    They showed how either one or both of the marine biologists that were studying them got stung and were deathly ill and almost died–they said the pain was almost unbearable–it was horrifying! O_o

    • DirtyCurty

      if it was unbearable, they would have died….they were just crying for attention

      • amrith777

        Read the wording I used–I said “ALMOST unbearable” as I forsaw that someone may reply as you did.And as my favorite poet,Arthur Rimbaud wrote “The only thing that is unbearable,is that NOTHING is unbearable…”Have a great weekend!

      • Johnny Sixarms

        Shut up , dumbass.

        • TitoRigatoni

          I think people are thumbing you down because they can't follow a thread…

  • Kwkaer76

    90% of those pictures are fake

    • HaH

      Your retarded .

    • Jewel358

      whatever lets you sleep at night, retard.

  • rich

    photoshop is for liars..

  • JAS



  • Joe

    wat is it?

    • bigb7965

      its called a coconut crab

      • Mark Rea

        That makes sense

  • Stan

    Yeah, it sucks to be on the TOP of the food chain, hippies.

    • SheriffPablo

      Go to africa and tell that to a lion. Face to Face.

      • Stan

        So you're going to cry about three dead moose and now you want me to go to Africa and kill a lion? Duse, you're ALL screwed up.

        • schango

          he was not talking about killing a lion, he meant the lion will kill your goofy ass.

          • Len

            Not when I shoot it with a .416 Rigby

            .416 Rigby makes me top of the food chain. Get over it, that's the way it is, sorry if you are butthurt because of it.

            • schango

              Here is your rifle versus a tiger. Instinct and speed > armed human

              • Frank

                Oh yeah, that proves it.

                Too bad reality is on my side, and I don't use one YouTube video to base my entire perception of reality on.

                Carry-on, reveling in your ignorance.

                • schango

                  I was not trying to prove anything, just showing a scenario for consideration. Plus, the original statement did not talk refer to a weapon, therefore, the weapon irrelevant.

                  • Frank

                    Right, it's not the type of weapon. Man has been killing lions far before the invention of firearms.

                    It's the giant brain that make us superior……. well, not in your case, but I digress.

              • Joe

                I guess animals don't have to be protected then, right?

                Their natural abilities will save them from men with guns, you proved it in your video.

  • Star_Vixen

    Okay, I can tolerate spiders better than most males, am not really creeped out by much (unless it flies and stings), and even ugly stuff like the lisopods aren't that bothersome to me, BUT #5 and #30 can GTFO! Thanks for the heebie jeebies!

  • Stan

    They look like Doritos to me.

  • Stan

    So that was what…. ummm…. 8 year ago and you're still looking at the same shit? Move on, dude. Get a girlfriend or something.

    • Vanxidar

      lol sir!

  • becauseyouarebreathing

    #26 is a Liger. Awesome.

  • none

    …this whole post make me want to ensure that our species stays on top….with weapons….

  • Simona Drăghici

    #30 makes my skin crawl…. i can't even look at it without getting chills down my spine. kill it!

  • Elliot Atkinson

    Man, screw going outside

  • @panamex512

    well after seeing this i can sleep well tonight

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