There are giants out there. GIANTS I tell ya! (33 Photos)

  • Paul

    So creeped out that I spotted…

  • Khaqan Javaid

    The animals were really cool! But, the insects…. eep!! Gave me the creeps!! I'm glad I don't live anywhere near the tropics! Especially the centipede!!!! I felt it crawling over me!! 😥 now I won't be able to sleep

  • moeshere foxdale

    #9 Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • boom

    I want to go hunt those boars with a tranq gun. then mass breed them. I will them train them to protect my property as well and take my kids to school.

  • Brian Khan

    #12 looks delicious

  • Colin

    Theme of this thread…amazing examples of nature…lets fucking kill it. (I realize many were found dead).

  • ferdinand

    Some of these are definitely not shopped.
    #5 and #30 – Giant-desert Centipede (Scolopendra heros) Real and native to the US Southwest
    #31 – Dr Brady Barr and some form of Giant Salamander – can be the Japanese or Chinese or the Eastern US Hellbender.
    #16 and #29 – Giant Isopod – a deep sea relative of the pill bug or wood louse.
    #12 – Coconut Crab (Birgus latro) Very real
    #8 and #24 Big Assed Beetle – Titan Beetle (Titanus giganteus)
    #21 – Golden silk orb-weaver spider. This one is likely Austrailian, but they have representatives in N America.
    #28 is an Atlas Moth (Attacus atlas) native to S.E. Asia. There are Vampire Moths in SE Asia, and apparently, there are GINORMOUS ones too.
    #20 – The Asian Giant Hornet, (Vespa mandarinia)

    Yes, total nerds Chive too. Chive On!!

    • Travis

      Not the hellbender.

    • Travis

      #31 Not the hellbender. it’s One of the asian ones.

  • Nighteye

    The thread title should be past tense – lots of dead giants on these photos… 😦

  • ferdinand

    Oh, #2 is also not shopped. It is a Lion's mane jellyfish (Cyanea capillata).

    Reality can be far weirder than fantasy.

    • Jr.

      they cant possibly get that big, only their numbers? I've heard they destroy the fishing grounds of some countries as a result of mankind's actions…

  • Jr.

    Damn Nature you scary!

  • faemike55

    Absolutely cool post! More please!!

  • Nathan

    Nature, why you so scary?

  • Bob

    why are hunters such fuckwits? they kill things that are far more impressive than they will ever be.

  • ZachBob

    #33 i want one

  • Wapiti

    #31 Salagator. Jokes aside, for all you anti-hunters- unless you never eat meat, never wear leather, stay out of urban environments, etc., your impact on the planet is just as bad- and most likely worse- than the average hunter. Moose and pigs are delicious, by the way…

  • jason in pc

    fuck you giant spider! fuck you!
    go back to hell cause your not welcome here!
    if we had these in my town i would do human sacrifices to keep it away, anything!

  • Johnny Sixarms

    Oh my freaking god, you bleeding-heart hippies are ridiculous. If only you could fathom how stupid you sound when you talk out of your butts.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      I'm in the military.

      You were saying, 'person surfing net in bedroom'?

      • Kim

        Is that supposed to make you an expert on animals. LO fucking L.

        Go back to filling sandbags.

  • MC Slaughterhouse

    Holy shit, the fucking hippies whining about hunting are out of control. You're all a bunch of prius-driving, pole-smoking, obama sticker-plastering, city-dwelling, high-on-your-horse, fucking bitch hippies.

  • sandviper

    @ bman: #7 is a Camel Spider. Quite poisonous.

    • HaH

      Those arent spiders and aren't poisonous ,

      • HaH

        They're part of the scorpion family .

  • Saint Depravicus

    #18 everything I've seen on this post I've seen pics of or read about, but the giant horse shoe crab #18 is a new one for me.

    • Bri guy

      It's also not real, its lazy photoshop

  • Selfish bastards kill thousand year old moose! Oh well I mean he'll reincarnate and hunt you. Bastard.


  • dizzard

    Dammit Chive, now I won't be sleeping for the next thanks to this post

  • Alister

    #12 that sacares the living shit out of me. and makes me hungry for coconut crab claws.

    #21, they're common as all hell in australia; theres at least 10 on my half-hour walk to work. they make great pets!

  • @effwun

    Why are there so many assholes looking happy after killing these animals?

    • Joe

      Try hunting sometime;
      Invest the money, time, learn much about the nature of these animals as you can, so you may have even a chance of finding one. Spend hours and money practicing your shot, so that you wont blow it when it counts. Stalk an animal possibly for days, wait for the perfect shot, make it.

      Walk up to your game, and see what you have worked so hard to get, and think of how you are going to get it out of the woods and prepare the meat. Feel like you have worked for your meat, instead of being oblivious to the death of an animal.

      Then you might know why these people are smiling when they finally achieve it.

      What I want to know, is why do some people seem so happy when they buy a burger from McDonalds?

  • Dane228199

    #7 is not shopped, but more of a trick of the eye. There are TWO spiders there (one is biting the other spiders ass), and they are average size. Don’t compare the size to the guy in the background, instead look at the sleeve to the right.

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