There are giants out there. GIANTS I tell ya! (33 Photos)

  • Fawx

    You think this is terrible, take a peak into the world of micro biology and how hostile and ugly Viruses and the like are.

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    #9 was a hoax

    • D.P.

      Google “wild boar”.

  • antrid

    #29 I've seen larger Doritos packets.

  • pawn u

    WOW ……thats the largest thing alive……….LETS KILL IT!!!!

  • ava

    I hate the c*nts that kill animals and then sit next to them for a photo…we don't need fuckwits like that on this planet…

    • Joe

      What really hurts the world is ignorance.

      You should work on it, for the better of humanity.

    • Frank

      Guess you should get back to eating your own body hair.


  • chive_mind

    i simply cant believe that these moose and pig pictures are real oO so gigantic
    oh yeah and my heart would instant stop to beat when i wake up in a tent and #7 is crawling over me

  • fdsfsd


  • sisisit

    Why are most of these animals killed? NOT awesome!

  • Christian

    Is two camel/sun 'spiders' (Solfugids, not actual spiders), and they are i no way dangerous, just scary.

    #5 and #30
    Real, Scolopendra species…appear to be S. subsnipes, native to SE Asia, NOT the US.

    is a Japanese giant salamander…hellbenders get nowhere near that large.

    #16 and #29
    Are giant, deep-sea isopods….pretty much giant bogs…and they really are that big.

    Is an oarfish…rare to see, unusual in design…but just a really long fish.

    Is a himantura ray….they actually get a fair bit larger.

    A Mola mola or sunfish, but shopped…although they get quite large, they do not get anywhere near that large.

    An orb-weaver of the Nephilia genus….their webs are huge and very strong, so catching a small bird (that bird is quite small, but perspective is everything here) can easily occur.

    #2, #3, #9, #11, #18, #19, #23
    All photoshopped…all the other photos are quite legitimate.

  • Stan

    Settle down, people! It eats BIRDS! It doesn't eat people! (not yet anyway)

  • Vanxidar

    AWEsome post chive! but i think there are some pics misplaced… this article is supposed to be about giant animals right? #14 and #15 are giant douches. Unless you're saying that they're the same thing.

  • Niitsitapi13

    Nature never ceases to amaze. It is quite a wondeful world we are blessed to be a part of.

  • Randy Gallegos

    larger image, not convinced of 'shop:

    another larger image, and you can tell the other side of his rack is just as big:

  • Damien

    Number 9 is NOT shopped. Google “giant boar”. Kid shot him in alabama i believe. You guys are quick to call B.S.

  • Disco

    What the fuck is #17? I'm going to get flashbacks everytime I walk past the Fishmonger's.

  • Chris

    The hunters all look so proud of their kills. They managed to kill an animal with a powerful gun… Big whoop. If they wrestled them things to the ground and then killed them with their bare hands, then I would be impressed.

    • Joe

      What a maroon. Go for a hunt, then come back and tell us how easy it was.

      Or buy a burger like always, live in ignorance, as always, and keep your yap shut. Your intolerance is a joke, as you yourself are a joke.

  • J.J.

    Dude man!

  • Michael Bratton

    I sincerely wish I had not smoked anything before looking at this.

  • bkfrijoles

    #33 find her

  • schango

    nicely played

  • schango

    good for you

  • Shmo

    Reganding the dead animals: Has Pocahontas thought us nothing =[

    • Joe

      Pocahontas killed and ate animals. WTF are you smoking?

  • Fire_Conure

    #33 looks like a Sarplaninac(pronounced: Sharplaninats, emphasis on "i"), a Yugoslav mountain dog. My best mate has one back home in Serbia 🙂

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Is this the same ecosystem that has somehow survived for centuries?

    Do some people seriously believe nature is that fragile?

    • Hunter

      Exactly. So don't cry because a couple animals got killed and eaten. That's the way the ecosystem that has survived since its existence. Animals eat other animals.

      Cannot you see your hypocrisy? Didn't think so, because you don't seem that bright.

    • Len

      Uhhh…. It has survived, but has not been unchanged.

      You want hundreds of thousands of wild boars around at the expense of native animals?

      You should grow up, think a bit more about the way the world works, then come back and post something intelligent next time.

    • TitoRigatoni

      "Nature" as a whole is not fragile at all. Specific ecosystems and individual species are. Ecosystems survive because species within them evolve together. Artificially introduced species can wreak havoc within established ecosystems, because the ecosystems have not evolved to support them. This is a pretty basic and well-established fact, denying it makes you look like an idiot.

  • Ashiee19

    WHAT?! This is in Australia?! Where in Australia???????

    • Tropsmurf

      On the Atherton Tablelands near Cairns, Queensland

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