There are giants out there. GIANTS I tell ya! (33 Photos)

  • northerner

    Yuck. Just YUCK…

  • northerner

    #33, Dear Lord, really? Thinking "Sweetums" from the old Muppets shows. He's one huge puppy dog! Sure hope he's a pussy cat. Otherwise, Oh My. She'd be no match for him if he got nasty.

  • equalizermax

    BIG DOGS means BIG POOP!

  • Len

    Uhh, yeah, no.

    Google Michael Furman is an asshat. This post comes up.

  • Len

    Kinda like how its disgusting that cows are killed for meat and to make fancy leather hand bags. God, makes me gag!

    At least these animals lived a long, free life first, and were given a death that would be much quicker and painless than anything nature would dish out.

    Grow up kids. Use that mushy between your ears.

  • luke

    Its a golden orb weaver spider and they are native to most countries on this planet. they are known to build massive webs capable of catching small finches or bats. 3 or more females work together on 1 web and share the catches. alot of these photos in this gallery are fake though.

  • Da Sandman

    amazing how mankind always want to catch and kill majestic creatures of nature

    • Joe

      Yup, its called the food chain, and is the way the natural world works. Take it up with God if are so butthurt over it.

      • Joe

        Or starve eating your moral superiority.

  • Ash

    Yeah orrrr self-aware lobster tails 🙂

  • VJ_1

    Look a giant animal, the likes of which we may never see again. Lets kill it!

    • Joe

      You will never see them, because to do so, you have to leave the glow of your screen.

      You cant hunt endangered species moron. Habitat destruction is the real threat.

  • @ADavis41

    You left out Coco.

  • Frank

    If you disagree with hunting, yet eat meat, you are a hypocrite.
    If you are a vegan, you're just an idiot.

  • Alex

    #5 and #30 freaked me out the most, so bad I can barely type without scratching my legs or arms to make sure nothings there lol, thank god for being in NY haha, nothing here is freaky

  • Guy

    Yeah, gamey bacon. Moose bacon is delicious. No idea about wild hogs.

  • Larry Molano

    #12 & #21
    Thanks Chive. I don't like to sleep anyway………. I feel like they're on me…… are they on me?! GET EM OFF ME!!

  • Helbrecht

    Most of these are cool, but the centipedes scare the shit out of me. Not sure why.

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  • CEngel

    Now that is inexplicable horror, IMO. I can't stand spiders, and one big enough to nab a friggin' bird!?… Aww, hells no! lol

  • Farmer

    Hey Len,
    Get fucked you dumb peta bitch.

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  • ava

    do we really have to have pics of morons murdering beautiful animals…and pretending its a good thing…please clearly state that there are those sort of pics following…I find it disgusting…

    at least have a warning – so I don't have to see needless gory deaths of magestic animals…and the hillbilly douchebags that think shooting with a bullet is an heroic sport…fuckwits…

    • ava

      even pics like the spider sucking on the bird should have warning…

      people come here for amusement and fun…not that shit…

  • The Trickster


  • Buckethead

    half of those are fakes

  • Charles Humphries

    The thing is Bonnie, humans are animals as well. Alot of people seem to forget that. Nobdoy gets up in arms when one animal kills another but when WE do it, then its wrong. Its nature pure and simple. Death and Killing are a part of it

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