Vintage Michael Jordan (23 photos)

Jordan puts on a 3-point clinic in 1992 NBA Finals, including his famous “The Shrug Shot” (3:30)

  • Jimmy

    #7 Wow a vintage SNL pic with only one dead person in it. Rare!

  • HankVatican

    #11 What a rookie.

  • The Bandit

    …alright, thanks!

  • aosux

    I hate basketball but I loved watching MJ play

  • Raph

    #17, so lucky to have seen him play, looking back i can't believe how awesome the dream team was, no team ever assembled will compare

  • youknowitstrue

    #4 … Who Didn't Own This Poster.

  • Jason Womack

    they play this at the Hall of Fame in his section.

  • The one

    Ha ha 23 photos, get it?

  • JAMon

    #20 and that sweet sweet high top

  • Dan

    Come on! Get the ball! Jump!!! Come on, boy! Get the ball!!!!! Hahahahaha!

  • romaniac


    • Ken

      Mugsy Bogues. 5'3"

  • Rpeanut16

    "At 6'6" Outta North Carolina"!!!!!

    Loved hearing that intro

  • Mk2Vr6

    Would have liked to see a Space Jam photo in here.

  • KalEl24

    23 photos… nice.

  • NonBrit

    Jordan needed a supporting cast. He didn't need another superstar to take the pressure off of him, and he damn sure didn't need his teammate to get into his face to try to get him to the appropriate level of intensity.

  • his airness

    Alex McGlone – backstory? Did he slap you around or something? How do you have any idea what any celebrity or athlete is like in real life?
    Back off MJ – I once went to his restaurant (it was 1991 and I was 10) and he not only took photos, signed autographs and hung out, he even came and had dessert with us. Nicest guy, huge hands. Loves cigars. To this day, my favorite player of all time. We can argue about Kareem (Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr) or Bill Russell or anybody else, but when it comes down to it, MJ is the king. The king!!!

    • Marine

      Friend of mine drives for him when hes in town. He actually can be kinda of a dick(stories hes told me, because who drives MJ around and doesnt brag about it?) Great ball player. Just like anyone else kids we all have our bad moments. so super fan *grabs you*
      Time to pull the head out of the ass.

      • Menace

        His level of being a dick is well documented, he's also a huge tightwad. Still love him though, and the best to play the game

  • poppajo8

    What a great champion! He was bigger than the othe MJ (Michael Jackson) at one point…the NBA hasn't been the same since!

  • Reading is cool

    Not reading previous comments…. I see what you did there.

  • rbfn04

    Socottie and Horace weren't all-stars when they joined MJ. Horace and Scottie didn't jump ship to join MJ and win titles. They were drafted by the Bulls. Not saying what LBJ did was wrong. Just saying.

    Saying that MJ having Grant and Pip iguals LBJ "taking his talent to south beach" is the same thing is wrong.

  • drewdeze

    greatest non female galler ever put on the chive

  • Nope

    #18 Both the greatest at what they did for a living

  • Leonel

    Hes good, but hes not the greatest athlete EVER. I think Pele is the best athlete to have ever existed. Respect for MJ though.

  • Steve Grenier

    I was a little disappointed there wasn't a space jam pic

  • StupidFresh3484

    That video reminds me why I USED to like watching basketball, there will never be another MJ

  • DJM

    That 92' finals Bulls team man. Thing dreams are made of – even fucking Paxson was a beast at the 3pt mark.

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