Behind the scenes Sunday (23 Photos)

  • Kris

    #9 My husband and I could hardly stay awake through this movie… so we turned it off and now we're having a baby. Thanks Tim Burton!

  • Megan Campbell

    #12 and #16 make my day

  • ensergio

    #20 Best movie ever

    • DeRaNgEd

      Best Kids Movie

    • Cjh

      Spielberg creepin in the background lol

  • ImpressMe

    #9….quit yer bitchin'…….its a different take on a story thats been retold the same frickin way for eons….a little shakeup didn't hurt it at all…..wah wah wah

    • 6655321

      Yeah. Why come up with something original?

    • Tony

      Not a different take. A "I'm Tim Burton and everything I make is exactly the freaking same" take. It was awesome 21 years ago with Edward Scissorhands. But come on. How many decades can someone do the same freaking thing???

  • derka

    #9 he's not the only one #10

  • andy

    #6 "mmmm do those shoes come off?

  • thedude325

    Fucking awesome. Keep doing these! By the way #9 I read the caption first and laughed my ass off when I saw the picture.

  • BJM

    Caption On!

  • Deichmasera

    hahaha is there any more faggy thing to say than "chive on" -DOUCHECHILLS!
    Chances are you are an obese fat fuck that loves "pranks" and cats with sunglasses

    ….just guessing….

  • FazyForum

    Awesome pictures i haven't seen such kind of pictures behind the scenes before.

  • Kel

    #13 is exactly as funny as the movie was

  • nottuB_nimajneB

    #17 Obviously even making this movie was boring as hell.

  • zoidbert


    That was filmed in Baton Rouge; when I lived in N.O. had a friend who worked in one of the nearby buildings. All work shut down for hours while she was doing that scene.

  • bclark

    #9 You meant to say… "Tim Burton screwing up ANOTHER classic film." I haven't even seen that one, or the Wonka remake, but I could tell they're just horrible. I wish he would just do an original movie again.

  • Javier

    #9 “screwing a classic film” You mean the cartoon? Is there is a live action film of those books? Did you know the film is based on two books? Did you know the movie is set after the events of those books? Did you know the books are more screwed up than the movie?

  • Boss Ross PT

    #13 The Wolf PacK!!!

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


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