Soooo…. you got wasted (28 Photos)

  • Jesse

    Whahaha #21
    and first

  • Spivias

    what no duct taping someone to the wall
    but that the most fun you could have to a drunk

    • I smax YOUR TOODLES

      First Anogynous to comment

  • Jack Bauer


  • Anonymous

    Chive can eat the condom of the Gods!!!!!!!!! 4th!!

  • yourmother

    hey oo

  • coolerthanyou

    first non homosexual to comment…muhahaha…zing..XD

    • DaddyD

      First complete asshole to comment.

  • hr pufnstuf

    #17 silly americans and their light beer.

    • mr. awesome

      why do they do that to themselves? It's almost impossible to get drunk like that… At least in Belgium it is

      • Ernie

        Belgium for the win

    • ck4747

      Why is it such a big deal to everyone else that we drink light beer?

      • copperbum

        Because you all make such a big deal about how much you drink when in fact its like drinking water…
        Come to Australia mate

        • dano

          please get over yourself. one word: foster's.

          Americans drink it to get drunk not accompany a nice meal. it's cheap and doesn't make you feel full. we have some exceptional beers and some less appetizing than warm piss.

          • RhysJ

            Please don't place generalisations on Australians. No one drinks warm beer and I don't think I've seen one person drink Fosters over here.

            Although us using kangaroos as our main mode of transportation is spot on.

          • Barnesy

            If they are drinking it to get drunk then why not drink something that actually will like a full strength beer?

          • Call Me Dave

            Also, if the Aussies here in London are anything to go by, then Australians do not have a drink purely to accompany a "nice meal". They are some of the most hard core drinkers in the world. They can probably out-drink most Brits (except for maybe the Scots). Americans can't handle their drink by comparison, hence they need to drink light beer. It would be fun to get a few Brits, Aussies and Yanks together for a boozing session. The Yank would be passed out before midnight.

            Fosters is quite popular here in England, but I do think that it tastes weak. I think people only buy it because it is cheap.

            I should also say that "Yank" is a playful insult (like Limey or Pom). It's nothing to get insulted about.

    • game: blouses

      speaking as a silly american, I concur. We do have good beer over here tho – please don't judge us by the mass-produced easily-consumed crap beer.

      Especially Coors Light. Awful.

      • absolutcarcrazy


      • bman

        Preach on brother. Our craft beers are fantastic. Our mass produced beers are not so great. Happy 4th!

      • Aeternus

        Just like Heineken is considered piss and head ache beer in most of Holland.
        I will never understand why the whole world drinks it.

        • hMMMM

          THIS! Heineken sucks ass.

    • Penrath

      As an American "Beer Snob", I must say that there is better beer here…really…. for the love of God and Country, please, please get some beer from a Microbrewery in your area! (tip: it tastes better and usually has a higher alcohol content.)

      This has been a public service announcement from a 'merican with taste buds.

      • Ryan

        Fuck the beer, give me the whisky!

  • Henrik

    #24 That looks like fun.

    • Error404k

      Dear Diary………………

    • bman

      "i was about to get laid when I barfed…"

  • rocknroll

    #2 – looks like the hillbilly music put him to sleep.

    • TheAndychrist

      Ever been so drunk you went to a Brad Paisley concert?

      • 6655321

        It clearly says Bard. Only proving people who listen to that shit are idiots.

    • booka

      at least shes hot

    • will

      Bard Paisley…Now in concert!

    • hMMMM

      Draw me like one of your French girls

    • Luke

      Find her?

  • rocknroll

    #4 – he's not passed out – he's just hiding from the fat people that want to eat him

    • fibonacci5150

      haha that picture's dope

  • Derek C. F. Pegritz

    #1–How the hell do you get so drunk you travel through time?!

    • Penrath

      Easy, you get so wasted that dirty old men in period costumes won't receive the dreaded hover hand..and they won't have to either…. :p

    • Luis Aguirre


    • greasdupdeafguy

      by drinking martinis, my good man

  • Disease61

    I honestly lmao at #14

    • Joe

      How will you poop!?

  • Tom Tarvid

    nothing like pissing off a disabled combat vet the day before Independence Day with #28 wrong on so many levels; but, first with the flag touching the ground which is a sign of disrespect…

    • Gnole
    • Anon

      While not a Vet, I agree with you that stuff like this should NEVER be posted. Respect the flag!

    • ambercr20

      I kinda thought the same thing- WHAT THE HELL CHIVE??!! FAIL

    • not a pc person

      Get over it, its just a picture.

      • ThatGuy

        Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

      • Gen Patton

        Fuck you pinko commie bitch pussy.

    • bab

      touching the ground = bad and disrespectful

      plastering it on my muddy truck bumper / wearing it as a collared shirt against someone's big sweaty fat ass american body = ???

      • DeRaNgEd

        or chicks cutting it up to make a bikini, well actually i see no problem with that.

        • lolz yer a dick

          Exactly, John the morbidly obese redneck can wear it as a fucking do-rag will his equally obese wife/sister wears it as a [air of boxer/ pajamas and thats fine… Dropping a flag on the ground on purpose is disrespectful, being a bit loaded and have trouble with your OBVIOUSLY patriotic flag tent thing isnt. We, as americans, need to get over ourselves a bit. You cant pick and chose when to bitch- fuck man, how man beer and soda cans with flags on them are gonna be tossed in the trash?

      • ranger_395 See section 8d: "The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery." I cringe when people wear the flag design as clothing.

    • dub

      Wow, you guys are retarded. Thanks for making America look like a bunch of whining pussies.

      Patriots, Ha!

  • JpW

    Woohoo! #27 reppin' Oneonta!

    • Molly T


      • Matt Mulford

        no, no – that's (st)oneonta ny. where are my otown chiver?

      • BamaJess

        Roll Tide!

    • Eric Walker

      someone pull that doucebags pants up.

      • d-bag

        pants are pulled up, that would be a shirt covering them…douchebag

  • putnam120

    #1 Find the girl on the right.

    • panama99

      Simply ask Honest Abe….he should be able to tell you.

    • northerner

      Agree. Might be some interesting "parts" under that T Shirt she's wearing. Go to it Chive, do your detective work. She's kinda pretty.

      • R-Dub

        Which part is pretty? The mannish face, or the lack of lips?

  • chrisdg74

    #2 – Way to rep my city. Pussy.

    • 6655321

      I agree. Listening to Country and spelling it Bard. Ought to be ashamed.

    • northerner

      He's missing a nice upskirt. Yeah, he's dissing your city for sure. Yeah, he's a dipstick.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #11 if you can still do that, youre not drunk enough but you are getting there fast

  • Joe1010

    I made you a flag, but i eated it… 😦


  • Paula_

    Whaaaaaat, I'm still on the FIRST page here too?

    Do you asshoes only Chive during work hours or something?

    – the one you llove to hate

  • Tommy2X4

    "Well, I gotta get drunk and I sure do dread it cause I know just what I'm gonna do.
    I'm gonna spend my money, call everybody honey and wind up singin' the blues.
    Spent my whole paycheck on some ole wreck and brother I could name you a few.
    I gotta get drunk and I sure do dread it cause I know just what I'm gonna do."

  • Jimmy

    I like the theChive but number 28 kinda pissed me off….As a Soldier I feel that is a little disrespectful.

    • bab

      Welcome to America….where we are free to do ANYTHING except disrespect our own selves…ah wait.

  • hank123

    #2 find her!

  • subzero

    #24 Been there, done that…

    • Trent

      I have a feeling a lot of dudes have been there and done that.

  • DementedGeek

    #17 WOW! You drank a bunch of metallic flavored, carbonated rubbing alcohol! I think I'd rather make like Bear Grylls and drink piss…

    • dub

      Um no, that's Coors Light.

      Have fun with the urine. 🙂

  • Claudio Andre da Silva

    #15 omg look at his right foot

    • C loc

      Holy shit!!! His foot is all fuckin twisted! When you dislocate your ankle you know your wasted, nice.

    • DaddyD

      You're seeing the shadow and thinking it's his foot.

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