Chive signs full of “WTF” (40 Photos)

If you find any bizarre signs, amusing newspaper headings, inappropriate restaurant names etc, please send them to me at bringittobob[at]gmail[dot]com.

  • jetrome

    #29 Isn't one of the reasons pizza places have such good business BECAUSE people are smoking pot?

    • Robert Plant


      • r@f

        #32. What did I miss here?

        • Aeternus


        • hMMMM

          that looks like MJ's sickly younger brother

      • Billy

        Obvious troll is obvious. It's pot then pizza. Drugs then hugs.


          your comment is redundant.

  • Jenny Lozano

    #13 thats what she said

    • Elton John

      *Thumbs Down*

    • The Chivery

      The Chive is inhabited (primarily) by men of the "homosexual" variety. Hence the *thumbs down*. Don't be surprised if they start thumbing it up now to compensate for said homosexuality.

    • Mr Jones

      Good one cunty

  • Malkintosh22

    #25 McDonald's operating in foreign countries are getting very.. 'open' (pun intended)

    • 6655321

      We have Kum & Go in Montana. So, I still don't understand your "joke".

      • Bryan

        Me and the gal went on a road trip from Cali to Ohio, we saw quite a few of these, believe it or not they are gas stations

      • Jules

        They're in Vegas as well:)

      • Elle

        There're all over Iowa, I don't get this either.

    • Hich

      You're an idiot. Pun intended.

    • Ziggy

      We've got them in Colorado and Wyoming. It's good gas. Kum and Go's and McDonalds. 🙂

    • kmk

      Popular in SW Missouri, too, though I prefer to call it the Ejaculate and Evacuate.

      • Ryan J

        or Sploodge and Split

  • Dagoth Wit

    #21 Amen to that. I hate this god awdul humidity

  • pinoy_chiver

    #2 is from the philippines. Where K.K.K is a Anti-Spanish group back when the country is under its colony. the group fights for freedom with only a jungle bolo and a pistol, which I think is badass versus the enemy's equipment. K.K.K. was established on the 19th century and it is different from the racist group in 'Merica

    • Walt

      BOOOOOOOH! something actually worth reading in the comment section! *Thumbs down*.

  • Dan

    #28 I don't know. If that's in Detroit, it's too much.

    • krusherX

      Seems legit

      • Hich

        Beat me to it, krusherX.

  • Arjay

    Zombie Children?

    • The New Yorker

      children from the south?

      • That Guy

        nah, kids from the south are just retarded. nevermind, make that all people from the south.

        • Billy

          Wow that must make you a genius……….

          • Red

            he probably is. compared to anyone from the south……

  • Just Sayin'

    #25 The McDonalds staff turnaround is very quick recently.. But mayonnaise has never been so cheap!

  • Nick

    Thats a whole lotta photoshop

    • Chile Jackson

      agreed. this website is for fags.

      • Bryan

        then why are you here?

        • Chile Jackson

          to see if it was as lame as i heard it was. duh.

          • Billy

            Mr. Jackson loves the Chive……………

          • Chile Jackson

            LOLZ Just kidding!!! I'm just trolling since I have no life. LOOOVEEE THE CHIVE!!!!

            (PS You've officially been name-jacked, BEEOTCH!)

            • Chile Jackson

              hell yeah! impersonate me MOAR!!

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #20 we sold our instruments to buy beer, we want them back. so… spare a dime?

    • Guz

      I Don't think you quite got it mate.

    • That Guy

      wow, that went right over your head apparently.

  • JFrost

    #9 The picture makes it
    "And this is how you cup the balls…"

    • webo

      epic failcomment

  • Tony

    Where is that? I want to go fill up my tank…..

  • DaddyD

    I see nothing funny here
    With Flash and Batman underwear.
    They will contribute a healthy fraction
    Of your ability to get some action.


    • Bryan

      and also render you sterile from the vice like grip they have on your nuts.

    • equalizermax

      Girls don't like the "flash" underwear

      • Andres Torres


      • kim2319

        i love them, i actually made my boyfriend by them becuase i find them sexy

    • testmemofo

      I totally have the Batman ones, full disclosure I also have another Batman pair that is black and yellow. In my experience if somebody is unbuttoning your pants they find it amusing.

    • crowebar360

      I'm bothered by your forced rhyme of "here" and "wear".

  • MrRushing

    #11 at that point you should just sit down

    • Aeternus

      At that point you're just a girl with big clitoris.

  • orly

    #9 stupid newfoundland.

    • peter

      HEY! There is nothing stupid about newfoundland!

      • Bunny

        More like Awesome Newfoundland!

        • Goobie

          Awesome is right!!

    • me too

      Did your mom have any children that lived??

    • J.G.

      How is it stupid? Where else in the public world could you say Dildo and not offend someone. Remind me never to show you a sign of Come By Chance.

  • Bud Ugly

    #21 – Maybe not the funniest, but it sure did speak to me. Damn weather is always making my crack wet.

    • BentWrenches

      try Anti monkey butt powder works for me!

  • Fat K

    #22 Sri Lanka FTW, Yeah

    • Sammy Hager

      fuck that shithole.

    • Event Horizon

      What the hell was the point of this picture?

  • Biz02

    #6 – Couldn't get closer to take the picture?

    • Aeternus

      "Spring has sprung"
      "Get your"
      Is what it says, I believe.

  • josh

    #38 – gotta love northern Ontario! Cause I know I do. Oh canada!

    • Samuel VanWeert

      Amen bud!

    • Kevin

      Here, Here Gotta love the Gold Mine!!

  • urDad

    #4 This is where all the nerds hang out

    • Juan

      chivers too.

  • Blindsided5

    #14 YES! my picture made it 2 weeks in a row haha.

    • thrillho

      I'm tempted to go in there for a haircut and tell them that they made The Chive.

  • TitoRigatoni

    What is up with #32? Am I missing something?

    • Ace_Hood

      Besides the fact that they're disgracing a good MJ cup? Idk

  • Bob

    #40 is in Manhattan Kansas. I love you Dara's!

  • Coldzilla

    #34 Bitches be unemployed

  • Dr3xell

    #36 Soooo am I the only immature one here, it took me like 10 minutes to stop laughing…………ahhhhhh…..Sackrider hahahahahahahaha

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