I corrected your melodramatic heartfelt sincerity (18 photos)

  • Dan

    Someone's pissed off.

    • Brother M.

      no. just shows how much funnier men are than women.

    • bman

      It's called PMS

    • equalizermax

      This post gives me a lot of funny idea comments

      • DevilintheFunk

        From anyone, who has ever read, any of your comments: I sincerely doubt that.

  • pjsupremex

    #10 FTW

    • Gutterville

      Need to remember that for next time


    #9 looks like a cat to me…

    • mattderry

      maybe you're right stevie wonder….maybe you're right

      • Stevie Wonder

        ….About what?

    • Ash

      Because you are stupid.

    • Foster

      Do I look like a cat to you boy? Do you see me drinking milk from a saucer? Do you see me jumping around all nimbly bimbly from limb to limb? Well, do you see me eating mice?! You stop laughing right MEOW!!!

      • Jen

        hahaha, YES! ^^

        • b-ry

          ……..who let you out of the kitchen?

  • Poololololol

    most are lame sorry 😦

    • evelyn

      dont know what you're talking about, i lol'ed for 95% of these

      • Juan

        you "laughed out louded"?

        • KyleRetrato

          I did.

          • The Foley

            Yeah, fucking awesome post, I hope it becomes a regular.

  • sca

    #3 lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/stefanos.prokos Stefanos Prokos

    Probably the best gallery so far. 😀

  • newscot

    If only they were all Sean Connery… That's a world I'd want to live in… #16

    • Sammy Hager

      agreed. give me sean connery with a pussy, and i'd be set for life.

      • Hater_Aid

        Dude, that's fucking gross…

    • BeccaB86

      If they were all Sean Connery, you'd be Sean Connery too.

      • newscot

        exactly. what's not to love about that? which means you'd be too, which would make you sexy.

        • The Pict

          Or at the very least interesting enough to listen to.

    • Frank Reynolds

      How about half of them are Sean Connery?
      The other half could be… girls?

  • some goth guy

    As previously mentionned, most of these are quite unfunny. But #4 and #16 made my day.

    • http://www.theanisette.com Daris

      If #12 and #13 didn't make you laugh hysterically, you have the comedic aptitue of a dead kitten.

  • sirforsyth

    Brilliant. I wish my front lawn was emo so it would cut itself.

    • Nalchad

      LMAO @ sirforsyth

    • Koopa Troop

      i wish you'd come up with an original joke. then you'd be funny.

  • Nalchad

    LOL @ 18

  • Jesse

    #3 and #12

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    I'm pretty sure this wasn't stolen from reddit.

    – they'd problably have deleted it

    • Thomas Hembay

      Or memebase.com under the emo section.

  • bman

    I always wondered how big a dickload was. #1

    • Ghoura

      It varies, and damn you for making me think about it.

  • Yeah, okay

    I loled.

    • Brother Maynard

      you "laughed out louded". what?

  • http://www.thechive.com mrbrixon

    #16 Sean Connery is the man…

    • DaddyD

      What about Bill Murray?

      • Sean Connery

        Bill Murray doeshn't desherve to schuck my 80+ year old ballsh.

      • Red

        you're comparing james fuckin' bond to the guy that was in ghost busters? seriously?

  • Hater_Aid

    #11 – These are HILARIOUS!

    Way better than PostSecret, Keep this trend running!

  • Error Flynn

    Probably the funniest post in a while

  • http://www.facebook.com/Ben.Bossman.McCue Benjamin H McCue

    haha loved this one

  • toby

    MOAR of this please and less sluts/chivettes.

    • Ash

      AGREED! Bring on the funny not the stds! 😀

      • Juan

        3rded. fuck those attention mongering skanks.

    • Dapper_Dave

      Or….moar of both. Plenty of room on this sight for everything.

  • http://twitter.com/themarcstewart @themarcstewart

    Brilliant. Genuinly laughed out loud at #14

  • bunedoggle

    #14 Apostrophe fail.

    • Christian Lander

      Stuff White People Like # 99, Grammar

      White people love rules. It explains why so they get upset when people cut in line, why they tip so religiously and why they become lawyers. But without a doubt, the rule system that white people love the most is grammar. It is in their blood not only to use perfect grammar but also to spend significant portions of time pointing out the errors of others.

      When asking someone about their biggest annoyances in life, you might expect responses like “hunger,” “being poor,” or “getting shot.” If you ask a white person, the most common response will likely be “people who use ‘their’ when they mean ‘there.’ Maybe comma splices, I’m not sure but it’s definitely one of the two.”

      If you wish to gain the respect of a white person, it’s probably a good idea that you find an obscure and debated grammar rule such as the “Oxford Comma” and take a firm stance on what you believe is correct. This is seen as more productive and forward thinking than simply stating your anger at the improper use of “it’s.

      Another important thing to know is that when white people read magazines and books they are always looking for grammar and spelling mistakes. In fact, one of the greatest joys a white person can experience is to catch a grammar mistake in a major publication. Finding one allows a white person to believe that they are better than the writer and the publication since they would have caught the mistake. The more respected the publication, the greater the thrill. If a white person were to catch a mistake in The New Yorker, it would be a sufficient reason for a large party.

      Though they reserve the harshest judgment for professional, do not assume that white people will cast a blind eye to your grammar mistakes in email and official documents. They will judge you and make a general assessment about your intelligence after the first infraction. Fortunately, this situation can be improved if you ask a white person to proof read your work before you send it out. “Hey Jill, I’m sorry to do this, but I have a business degree and I’m a terrible writer. Can you look this over for me?” This deft maneuver will allow the white person to feel as though their liberal arts degree has a purpose and allow you to do something more interesting.

      Don’t worry, it is impossible for a white person to turn down the opportunity to proofread.

      • http://www.thechive.com DistractedIndividual

        Reverse racism= long boring post that 'white' people don't care about.
        Take a bow, you have forever changed the world by writing a fucking novel on a photo blogs comment section.

        • Raunchy The 1st

          he's a white guy you idiot. it's called "satire".

      • Ashiee19

        It's funny because there are grammatical errors in your comment. 🙂

  • will

    #16 reminds me of the "You're one in a million! Which means there are 1,000 people exactly like you in China" joke

  • Blue654

    Best chive gallery ever

  • Son

    I like the idea of mocking youngsters and their pseudo deep lines and shallow philosophic experiences, but I think these "corrections" feel forced and that they're not that funny.

    • helpermonkey

      Did you ever think you'd have so much in common with these "corrections"?

    • Correction227

      "I like the idea of mocking youngsters and their pseudo deep lines and shallow philosophic experiences, but I think these "corrections" feel forceed and that they're not that funny. "


  • wyattfairchild

    #18 haha! yes

    that was a surprisingly funny post!

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