Some couples are just better off being friends with benefits (21 Photos)

Friends with Benefits, starring my dream girl, Mila Kunis and your girlfriend’s dream guy, JT, opens in theaters July 22nd. Check out the uncensored trailer below:

  • Dr3xell

    #1 So thaaaaaaaaaaaaat's what happened to Princess Fiona from shrek!

  • Dr3xell

    #5 "Honey this is so beautiful." "No….this is SPARTA!!!"

  • Henry Gibson

    I think we can all agree that #11 is Elton John, right?

  • Allenavw

    #15 But I don't wanna marry her! God, this is so unfair, I hate you!!

  • mackin

    Aha, see, this is marketing done pretty okay- same idea as the "bad teacher" post a while back, but actually less obviously reposted pix, not trying as hard. I'm willing to trade some commercialism for my entertainment, and this wasn't toooooo crass. More like this, less like the bad teacher. But if we ever see more "5 out of 5 mom's dislike this" videos….

  • Niitsitapi13

    21 I just feel bad for this poor bastard. He may not be able to help his genes, but my god mad, that sweater?

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #10 #15 Now there not happy at all….and 10 thats for sure…sorry hon…

  • Lynne McNaught Sandilands

    #8 is my friend! HAHAHAHAHAH That's awesome! They are still married btw.

  • muffin

    #15 Not awkward, just a fact of life.

  • Vinny

    #5 "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE……..douche bag"

  • DDD

    #8, #12 made me shudder

  • pyrosis

    #10 Surprise buttsex.

  • Matt

    #10 Is it in yet? Um, honey, I'm done.

  • its_forge

    How come for many of the grooms in these pictures I can imagine them making a sort of wheezing breathing grunting noise like all the cartoon versions of Peter Lorre you used to see in Bugs Bunny cartoons? Especially #15, I hear "Mmmmmmmahhhhh :gasp: mmmmaaahhhhh :gasp: mmmaaahhhhh"

  • Nathan

    #8 They said we couldn't wed, so we watch them die in a church fire, as a married couple

  • Sam Morales

    #10 Oh i see what you did there… sex i guess

  • Mike McGill

    Did #6 die at their own wedding?

    • Mike McGill


  • OldManChiver

    #13 Uranus and Uranus

  • Brod

    in the words of Deuce Biggalow – Freaks!

  • NOUU

    some people are just sooo fucking wierd.

  • Jesus

    Fuck you Chive. Fuck you right in your face.

  • Ken

    #20 Mr. and Mrs. Jude the Obscure.

  • Andy Emanuel

    #13 That is my buddie's mom, I about shit myslef


    some more incredible photos
    thank you

  • Texasks

    Is that Tommy Lee Jones???

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