Hungry? Here are some of the best burgers in America (20 Photos)

  • Gabe

    no in-n-out?

    • MyNutz

      In and out burger sucks, just sayin

    • Timothy Wilkes

      I'm pretty sure that none of these are fast food joints. . .

  • desperate

    goddam it, i was going to go to Kuma's for lunch but it takes me 40 minutes to get there. the chive will have crashed it by then

    • shoestring30

      That place is an hour wait at lunch during the week already.

  • KickItUpaNotch

    How does something that thin get undercooked?

    • jasgat

      All finds of shit going on with that burger

      • jasgat

        All kinds I ment

        • Guest


          • sjon

            most overrated piece of shit burger.. ever

            • sjon

              not to mention greasy as -F

    • Chris5764

      If you consider this undercooked then you need to GTFO out of the burger post

  • Guest

    The "Ultimate Tony Burger" The Hungry Owl in Mobile, AL

  • zombierangoon

    Kumas in Chicago is amazing.

  • chrisdg74

    You fuckers. Guess I'm stopping at Five Guys on the way home tonight…..

  • Sasquatch

    Where is In'n'Out Burger??!

    • TitoRigatoni

      In 'n' Out is a good fast food burger, but it doesn't even compare to a good handmade burger. Fuddrucker's puts In 'n' Out to shame, and they're all over the place too.

  • Joel


    I was really hoping they'd recommend me a really good burger place in sf instead of an overpriced burger that looks to cater to the wealthier people of the city.

  • athos

    Try a burger from Flip Burger Bar in North Miami Beach, FL… best one I've ever had

  • Grayson

    Squeeze in sacrament….praise be the cheese skirt

  • Joe Rugby

    What no Five Guys?!?!?!? Anyone else out there from Metro DC?!?!? Give Five Guys a shout out!!!

    • CDN

      I was thinking the same thing! Not from Metro DC but just had Five Guys yesterday actually and it was one of the best burgers I've ever had!

  • seen it


  • 5SL11

    Where is In-N-Out?! They were voted on the top 5 best Burgers in America.

    • Timothy Wilkes

      And whoever voted them is full of shit. . . But these aren't fast food burger chains. . . These are dine ins.

  • Anonymous

    Rays Hell Burger, Arlington VA/DC FTW

  • Curtis Darr
  • David Plummer

    this is actually in Carmel Indiana.. not indy… but none the less one of the best burgers around here!!!!

    • nimakdm

      Just ate here on Sunday and have to say i was thoroughly impressed. Perfectly seasoned and cooked burger. Milkshakes were awesome as well.

  • @unicornsRnice

    The verde burger from Red Mill is something I would burn cities to the ground to eat. So awesome.

  • wztarheel

    #6 Now that's a good burger.

  • Ryecrash

    Apparently I need to move cause none of the places listed are near me. I live in Monterey, California so the closest please is San Francisco, 2 hours away.

  • Jon N

    I've eaten at Hubcap, and I can vouch for their deliciousness. I still have the order slip: double decker with bacon, jalapenos, mushrooms, and onions; side order of sweet potato fries.

  • Renn

    Number 3 looks dangerous

  • creatorofbs

    no wonder americans are so fat. so much yummy looking food

  • Mutt

    #18 I've gotten burgers there and, not to be a hater, but they were bland for my taste. But if the locals hear you say that they will hunt you down for blaspheme.

    • Timothy Wilkes

      I will hurt you for blaspheming!

      • Mutt

        Damn! Caught again!

  • somedoood

    You forgot Ferrell's Burgers in Hopkinsville, KY! D:< How dare you, Chive?!

  • tek

    is there seriously no In N Out on here?

    • Chive_On

      In N Out is a fast food mecca. While not meaning to take away from their awesomeness, you have to consider….

      Some of these are works of art, meant to be experienced, not to be a daily staple.

      To put them on the list too, would make it seem like you're just trying to find a quick lunch.

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