Hungry? Here are some of the best burgers in America (20 Photos)

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  • Gabe

    no in-n-out?

    • MyNutz

      In and out burger sucks, just sayin

    • Timothy Wilkes

      I'm pretty sure that none of these are fast food joints. . .

  • desperate

    goddam it, i was going to go to Kuma's for lunch but it takes me 40 minutes to get there. the chive will have crashed it by then

    • shoestring30

      That place is an hour wait at lunch during the week already.

  • KickItUpaNotch

    How does something that thin get undercooked?

    • jasgat

      All finds of shit going on with that burger

      • jasgat

        All kinds I ment

        • Guest


          • sjon

            most overrated piece of shit burger.. ever

            • sjon

              not to mention greasy as -F

    • Chris5764

      If you consider this undercooked then you need to GTFO out of the burger post

  • Guest

    The "Ultimate Tony Burger" The Hungry Owl in Mobile, AL

  • zombierangoon

    Kumas in Chicago is amazing.

  • chrisdg74

    You fuckers. Guess I'm stopping at Five Guys on the way home tonight…..

  • Sasquatch

    Where is In'n'Out Burger??!

    • TitoRigatoni

      In 'n' Out is a good fast food burger, but it doesn't even compare to a good handmade burger. Fuddrucker's puts In 'n' Out to shame, and they're all over the place too.

  • Joel


    I was really hoping they'd recommend me a really good burger place in sf instead of an overpriced burger that looks to cater to the wealthier people of the city.

  • athos

    Try a burger from Flip Burger Bar in North Miami Beach, FL… best one I've ever had

  • Grayson

    Squeeze in sacrament….praise be the cheese skirt

  • Joe Rugby

    What no Five Guys?!?!?!? Anyone else out there from Metro DC?!?!? Give Five Guys a shout out!!!

    • CDN

      I was thinking the same thing! Not from Metro DC but just had Five Guys yesterday actually and it was one of the best burgers I've ever had!

  • seen it


  • 5SL11

    Where is In-N-Out?! They were voted on the top 5 best Burgers in America.

    • Timothy Wilkes

      And whoever voted them is full of shit. . . But these aren't fast food burger chains. . . These are dine ins.

  • Anonymous

    Rays Hell Burger, Arlington VA/DC FTW

  • Curtis Darr
  • David Plummer

    this is actually in Carmel Indiana.. not indy… but none the less one of the best burgers around here!!!!

    • nimakdm

      Just ate here on Sunday and have to say i was thoroughly impressed. Perfectly seasoned and cooked burger. Milkshakes were awesome as well.

  • @unicornsRnice

    The verde burger from Red Mill is something I would burn cities to the ground to eat. So awesome.

  • wztarheel

    #6 Now that's a good burger.

  • Ryecrash

    Apparently I need to move cause none of the places listed are near me. I live in Monterey, California so the closest please is San Francisco, 2 hours away.

  • John C

    I'm calling shenanigans on the LA burger choices. I've never had Hinano, but Umami Burgers are over priced, small and I've never had good service there. What about Father's Office? The Foundry? Stout? Apple Pan? The Golden State?

  • Jon N

    I've eaten at Hubcap, and I can vouch for their deliciousness. I still have the order slip: double decker with bacon, jalapenos, mushrooms, and onions; side order of sweet potato fries.

  • Renn

    Number 3 looks dangerous

  • creatorofbs

    no wonder americans are so fat. so much yummy looking food

  • Mutt

    #18 I've gotten burgers there and, not to be a hater, but they were bland for my taste. But if the locals hear you say that they will hunt you down for blaspheme.

    • Timothy Wilkes

      I will hurt you for blaspheming!

      • Mutt

        Damn! Caught again!

  • somedoood

    You forgot Ferrell's Burgers in Hopkinsville, KY! D:< How dare you, Chive?!

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