Hungry? Here are some of the best burgers in America (20 Photos)

  • @unicornsRnice

    The verde burger from Red Mill is something I would burn cities to the ground to eat. So awesome. Jam Burger, my bad. Still awesome.

    • NW_Islander


  • asdf

    Louis Lunch in New Haven. Where it all started…

  • Love2LiveLife

    no burger list is complete without Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington VA and Abbey Burger Bistro in Baltimore MD…

  • CDN

    Why no Five Guys? One of the best burgers I have had.

    • Muffin

      I assume these are somewhat local places, Five Guys is everywhere.

  • TattooJunky

    Thank God there was no In-N-Out on the list (place is overrated)! But no Heart Attack Grill?!?!

  • Robocop

    Kumas corner in chicago is awesome all the burgers are named after metal bands

  • Felicia

    i want to put one of these burgers up my vagina and make love to it RIGHT NOW!

  • Rebecca Schmidt

    So happy to see Green Bay and Milwaukee on there. Us Wisconsinites know how to make a good burger!

  • Bruce

    Blueberry Hill in the Delmar Loop in St. Louis….Best burger and well you just have to see it to believe it.

  • rebel

    #13 FT-muddafuckin'-W!!!

  • trav

    Five guys sucks.

    • @unicornsRnice

      They are super overrated. I had one of their burgers last week for the first time and it didn't live up to the hype.

  • trav

    and in and out is fast food! lol

  • trav

    hubcab ftw! There are all sorts of greatness in Houston. To many to list and five guys is at the bottom. Now if this was a fast food burger list In and Out for sure!

  • Dan

    You guys should do a post on sandwiches in general, and then have 20 pics of different Primantis sandwiches.

  • Jay

    Ohio never gets any love on these and Ohio has some of the best food around. John and Leo come to Northeast Ohio and I will give you a tatsebud tour for the record books!

    • wahoobob

      Maggie Burger at Whitey's baby!

  • oncdurham

    The 'Miller Burger" is actually from Miller's Pub in Dearborn, MI, not Detroit proper. But, close enough, and oooh sooo goood! And, for fantastic after-many-beers sliders, check out Greene's Hamburgers in Farmington, MI.

  • That Guy

    you had me at #3

  • Steve

    Vortex in Atl has some of the best burgers IMO.

    Eagles Deli in Boston (number one on page) is out of control.

  • Beano

    The burger joint in west springfield va?!

  • Disappointed

    No Krystal? This list has no credibility!!

  • StaticFX

    #3 – um yeah.. i prefer my burger COOKED. not still bleeding

    • Kyle White

      More like still "moo"-ing. I hate under-cooked steak/hamburger.

    • Chris5764

      You guys with your undercooked BS lol, red meat was meant to be eaten red…. GTFO of the burger page

  • Kyle White

    Where is In-N-Out or Five Guys? Those two are the BEST semi-fast food burgers I have ever had. All you Five Guys haters can suck it. Just because they're not some special gourmet burger doesn't mean they don't taste good.

    • StaticFX

      Love Five Guys… and Tom Wahl's in Avon, NY

    • TitoRigatoni

      Those aren't semi-fast food, they're fast food period.

  • Valerie Marie

    a little disappointed you forgot White Manna in hackensack, NJ.

  • NW_Islander

    #2 Red Mill for life. . . which grows shorter by the burger.

  • doublemeat

    #6 Austin you say? BRB
    (in San Antonio)

    • Muffin

      Trust me, Top Notch is not worth the drive. Go to Hut's instead or even Dan's.

    • Sawbuck

      San Antonio for the mudda suckin win broham! Ya know whats a good boiga joint in town? Armadillos!

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