Hungry? Here are some of the best burgers in America (20 Photos)

  • pete

    #8 is not as good as it used to be!! New cook!!! Where's IN-AND-OUT??

  • marvin

    I am missing In n' Out here!

  • IndyGirl

    Is having #13 for lunch this weekend ❤

  • gnocco

    Cobra, really? #10
    Miller's, #18 is legit

  • T-Bag

    It should be noted that the Dazed & Confused drive-in scenes were filmed at Top Notch in Austin. Alright, alright, alright!!!

  • Kyle Shubert

    #15 They have another location in Ft. Worth (Roanoke) that I go to and it's fucking good!

  • KeyserSoze

    you set me in the mood, chive. Just wrecked a double char from the Habit Burger with sweet potato fries.

  • Chodanutz

    The Slayer from Kuma's is the greatest thing to ever happen to burgers:

    Pile of fries topped with a 10 oz. Burger, Chili, Cherry Peppers, Andouille, Onions, Jack Cheese, and Anger!

    The only thing bad about Kuma's is the wait…but it's totally worth it

  • Jerome

    No Slater's 50/50? 50% Bacon 50% Beef, best burger I have ever had. Anaheim Hills CA

  • Wimpy

    Just curious what some of the extranous crap stuffed under those buns is. Burger bun cheese bacon. No sprouts chutney or anything cute!

  • red

    #17 Damn, can anyone tell me if this thing is as good as it looks?

  • Tgube

    Five Guys is missing from this list.

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  • Dave from big D

    #15 so glad they made the list. The best burger I have ever had. Of course I need to try the others to compare now. You can get this burger in Bison or Elk or several other different kind of seasonal meats. Its awesome.

  • Lisa

    Goin for#15 this weekend! Been in dfw way too long to not have tried it yet.

  • Friday Friday

    Maybe its just me but some of those burgers look undercooked.

  • Richard Head

    Kuma's Corner is fucking phenomenal. Definitely worth the 2 hour wait it takes to get seated. If you like metal and chicks with tats, Kuma's is the place!

  • DeadlyFormula

    BBs (Best Burger) in Atlanta. Best burger I have ever had. walk in, grab a check list sheet. Check off whatever you want from the huge list of item. Then they make it. Choice of angus or bison. I highly recommend

  • Mike

    #7 Fries look REALLY good!
    #10 Love Sweet Potato Fries!

  • Jake

    you're missing the Thurman Burger at Thurman's Cafe in Columbus Ohio. AMAZING

  • johkur


  • Carl Caci

    What happened to In and Out Burger Double Double with Cheese???????

  • Shockwave

    Chive, you're in West L.A. No Apple Pan? No Father's Office? For shame! WTF man?

  • PartyMarty

    Great. Now I want to eat burgers until I die.

  • Big Ass Fan

    2am burger at Rock Bottom. Yum

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