Hungry? Here are some of the best burgers in America (20 Photos)

  • Rush

    SO glad the ghetto burger made it! Follow the rules though legit ann will beat your ass

  • Alexandeath Wehwalt Orozco

    I've seen and tasted much better burgers than all the past ones

  • Dank

    Irmas is great but there are SO many better.

  • Charles B. Richardson

    Thanks for ruining my dinner plans chive. Disappointed not to see Fat Burger on the list but all epic burgers none the less

  • superk272003

    Killers is a dive bar and I never understand why people love their burgers. Kumas in Chicago is slop worth it though!


    no In-n-Out?! this page shouldnt even be up

  • monkeyhead

    There's this burger joint near my place, it's called McDonalds. It's not too bad, apparently its pretty popular though.

  • bisketz

    #13 I've been there, good stuff, got my ugly mug up on the wall too!

  • paratesties

    Blu Burger….Meh

  • TUY

    Apollo Burger in SLC piled high with pastrami.

  • Charles Quinn

    You forgot Humdinger from Portland, Oregon. Check your shit chive.

  • Tom Mount

    Next Burger Post needs to include the double bacon chili cheeseburger a-plenty from the Beacon in Spartanburg, SC.

  • Nick Neuhart
  • mikel

    Krolls nicely done eating there right now and its delicious

  • Allen

    kuma's burgers all the way!

  • Red

    I was hoping to see something in Oklahoma. Imagine my disappointment when I saw IRMA'S inedible, disgusting crap.

    • mz3305

      where is IRMA's…. I've never heard of it and i used to live in OKC.

  • Brian Williams

    I love BILF's! Great post!

  • Jeff

    I can confirm that Miller's bar, in metro Detroit, has some great burgers. I suggest sit at the bar, the afternoon bartender is a funny guy and cooks up a mean burger.

  • Dan

    Twisted Root for the Win

  • Kris

    You had to ruin it by showing something from Atlanta, didn't you Chive? Oh well. At least my old hometown of Louisville got in. And where's In N' Out Burger?! 😛

  • Christopher Huddleston


    I had an Umami Burger once…and it was delicious. The end.

  • Charlie

    JUICY LUCY from Matts bar in Minneapolis, its a burger with melted cheese inside, soooooo good.

  • Stuplatt

    #15 is the $#!| !!!! SO GOOD!!!

  • Ziggy

    You couldn't pay me to eat at H Burger in Denver. #9

    Where's the Whopper on this list?

    I would also like to nominate Nap's in Hamilton, Montana. America's best burgers aren't all found in the big city.

  • FacelessSoldier

    I am in Afghanistan right now, but somebody from Chico CA needs to go to Nobby's and get a pic of one their burgers for The Chive.

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