It’s true, not all animals suck (30 Photos)

  • Dan

    #30 It wasn't me!

    • JT Mo-Nay


      • Special_k

        The cat did it! I was just trying to fix it.

        • equalizermax

          #24 – F%^& You!

    • Ryan

      I laughed so hard at this pic for some reason.

    • Robert Plant

      true, not all animals suck, but all chivers sure as fuck do. (and before some stupid faggot points out i'm on the chive too, what can i say? except "everyone dog know his own". C WUT I DID THAR???).

      • James

        what in the fuck are you blathering on about?

    • bigdeal

      i dont know how many blinds ive had to replace thanks to all my dumb ass animals

  • n_kb

    #27 i feel as if any picture involving an owl is funny

    • -_-

      Owl used Leer!

  • Paula_

    Most animals don't suck, but CATS SUCK ASS!!
    BTW #6: caught catsturbating? YECCH!

    – I'll admit, mosquitos suck too, but not as much as cats

    • Facepuncher

      Happy Birthday Paula. From your biggest fan!

    • Brian King

      Not too often I agree with Paula, but cats suck!

    • PaulaIsBobIsPaula

      Paula is Bob, and Bob is Paula.
      The jigs up man – you've been found out!
      Sorry Bob, but the truth has come out. You want to know what gave you away?

      First of all, I think it's kinda pathetic that the Chive staff feel the need to be the biggest trollers on their own site. It certainly appears that the Chive staff are responsible for stirring up most of the hate and discontent amongst the real people who visit this site. They logon anonymously and harrass the hell out of everyone else. I notice this is true, especially on slow days when the Chive doesn't seem to have a lot to post, and it's obvious they are having trouble finding material – that's when they logon anonymously and start leaving berating comments, just to get the frenzy built up and get others to join in. Hey, I guess it's true there's no such thing as bad publicity.
      Kudos man, pretty clever tactic, but not too difficult to figure out.
      Oh, and one more thing, Bob. When you post your pictures, you might want to wait a few before logging on as Paula and getting things going by stirring up the hive. Your alter-ego, "Paula" is always one of the first few to make a comment whenever Bob posts his pics. Coincidence? I think not.

      • Paula_

        I'll play along for a bit; so Bob likes to work overtime a lot? And gets up around 3AM to post on the Chive? He must really be addicted. Do a little more investigating; I'll even help you if you do.
        I'm pretty sure none of the staff ever post comments at all.
        And slow days on the Chive? When was that!?

        – not Bob

        • WhoIsPaula?

          Lol what are you talking about? 3am? Overtime? Who said anything about that? Hmmm, another mistake on your part maybe? Lol It's just that whenever Bob pushes out a post, this "Paula" person is always right behind him making some of the first comments, which to me would imply that this Paula person and Bob are either one in the same, or very close to it (ie, another Chive staff member). Either that, or Paula just likes Bob's postings more than the others and is up at (3am you say?) to be one of the first to comment once the post goes live.
          Another thing is you sound a LOT like a Chive staff member – especially when you said, "Slow days at the Chive? When was that? Apparently you work very closely with the Chive staff to know how busy or not it can get. We've seen the webcam broadcasts though, and it looks like there's plenty of free time around that office … lucky bastards! haha
          Bob or not, Paula has got to be part of the Chive staff – Maybe you're that HOPA chick? Who knows. Who cares. We like Paula as much as we like Bob and the rest of the Chive. It's all good and I'm not complaining one bit – I think the Chive rocks! I just have a pretty good feeling that everything is not all that it seems with this Paula character.
          Whoever you are, well played 🙂

          • Paula_

            C'mon, I'm Dutch and live in the Netherlands (have said so before). So as in: GMT+1. Do the math… At what time in the US and the Netherlands does DMA go live?
            If I'm part of the Chive staff I'm somewhat underpaid. I DO get a great site to rave on, but that's it; not even a single Chive sticker or whatever…
            Oh and they wouldn't even have me on the Chive meetup remember!? 🙂

            – Oh wait, fuck… I meant Emily. OH WAIT!!! Hell!

            • TheVoodooThatUdo

              Lol it's all good.
              Netherlands, really? Unfortunately, I haven't followed all your posts, but I do read them when I see them.
              Now, forgetting all this nonesense, I'm going to check out the Hump Day pics again … Meanwhile, may I recommend a few Cat Saturday pages for you? hahaha

      • Who Cares?

        Don't hate on TheChive just because your comments are not popular and never make it to the front page.
        Also, nice wall of text, I'm sure that will keep everyone interested…

        • WhoIsPaula

          You read it.

          • Paula_

            So did I.

            – the one who John thinks is Paula

        • YouCare

          I'm not hating on TheChive. I love TheChive. I even said so in my 'wall of text' that apparently kept you interested.
          I'm teasing Paula, is all … just trying to guess who he/she is.


    • Guibombe

      You must be a hell of a pussy then!

    • Bwahahaha

      No the cat is saying suck my balls, Paula.

  • Tropsmurf

    #22 well, this is awkward….

  • Facepuncher

    Crappiest post ever! Bob, step into my office, because you're f***king FIRED!

    • Paula_

      You can't fire me!

      – go ahead, try… make my day…

      • BobIsPaula

        See … I knew you were Bob 😉

  • Silentrob

    #30 little fucker, Now get out and stay out!

  • Ateka

    Great post!

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #12 hotdog pill?!? gimme gimme gimme!!!!!!!

  • Jim

    Victory Is Mine! #2

  • Minion78

    #24 Garfield? xD

    • Mitch

      Ron Swanson

    • GreatCowGod

      Regardless, it looks like all should do as the sign suggests…

    • V4Vendetta14

      Wilfred Brimley and he has the dia beetus…

    • Captnjack

      Jamie Hyneman?

  • Themightydagmar

    Shit..mum. I swear I dunno what happened one minute i was just napping, ten the next minute this stupid cat was at the window…

  • Tony


    • JT Mo-Nay

      GODDAMNIT!!! doesn't anybody knock anymore?!

      • bigdeal

        no. no they do not mr reinhold.

  • BAMFinater

    #16 I bet he hates Halo jumpers as well.

    • BAMFinater

      Crap #17

      • JT Mo-Nay

        fucking campsters

  • mali_sapun

    #19 camouflage… 68% complete

  • misschris

    #30 Made me LOL. Who could be mad at that face?!

    • BentWrenches

      Boxer FTW

      • douche

        looks more like an American Bulldog

  • Jen

    i awwww'd on so many

  • echogeo

    #13 "Go ahead, touch my pussy & see what happens."

  • IAmKazaam

    #14, I can has hamburger?

    also owls are the greatest animal ever

    • HUH?

      you go aheads and answers the phone, i will guard your samich, promise.

    • Dagoth Wit

      I don't see any cheez on that

  • keithp420

    #10 could be my wingman anyday…

    • Bumblerbee

      No, you can be mine. *Cue Top Gun Music*

  • Grant

    #17 Headshot! suck it noob!
    #24 ….or else…..
    #25 no words, just LOL

  • Dex

    I made that face when I discovered fapping too #6

  • hahaha

    #6 #23
    Haven't i seen these before??? Yeah, i have.

    • Paula_

      Does it start with a 'R'?

      – the one who Leo thinks is John

  • Josh Gorter

    #24 Diabetes

    • Bluto

      * Diabetus

      • Robert Plant


  • konaehukai

    #28. Now that is awesome.

    • Mike

      It reminds me of the Disney Cartoon episode when a seal sneaks into Mickeys basket and he takes it home.

  • EdWood

    Talk about "goating' out on a limb.
    I know. lame.

    • Paula_

      [awkward silence…]

      – the one who Bob knows is in fact Emily

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