They must first be found before there’s MOAR (29 Photos)

  • deleted6595653

    where is the love for #21…finding her should be top priority…i would love to read the novel on her left hip/thigh area….Y U NO TELL ME WHAT IT SAYZ

    • AtothaB

      Charity Laurus of Gods Girls fame

      • Class, Class, Class

        What a complete and total waste of a beautiful girl.

    • johnny B

      What a master piece #21 !!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    13 is former Playboy Playmate of the year Sara Underwood

  • Mr_Rob

    #14 and #29 I agree: please double find her!

    • @DullWitlessBoy

      for the love of god, focus all your efforts on this!

    • Fabio

      do it for the kids! please find her!!!

    • Calvin
    • ROK247

      caitlyn neff, consider yourself FOUND

    • Alex

      I Wish we never found her..

    • @estebancamacho

      Actually she is a pornstar… Name is Jana Miartusova…

      • Jordan

        That picture is in her pictures. And others just like it. Its her. That pornstar girl doesn't have the freckles.

        • /b/anon

          Who cares – choice between choosing a normal hot girl or one I can see in porn?
          She's close enuf!

  • newscot

    Isn't #2 Iga/Eva Wyrwal? She's been found many many times.

    • coolbreeze

      Yes…yes it is!

    • Terry Burke

      they need to just do a post of her already

    • Mee

      It is.

    • kennys

      nope, her names melissa debbing

    • Hullablack

      Sure its not just Jessica Long?

    • The Jag

      Google tells me it's Christina Cox

      • CthulhuReigns

        You need to be on teh Interwebs more. I've seen that…..face…..enough to KNOW it's Eva/Eve/Iga Wyrwal.

        • The Jag

          "You need to be on teh Interwebs more"

          No thanks, I have a life.

  • slutifer

    #17 O RLY?

    • toban

      holy beer can crushing titties batman

      • rega


      • Jimmy

        Found her! She was hiding out in the refrigerator.

    • Shannon Coverdale

      Hell yeah, show us some big girl love!

    • disturbed

      Needs more cowbell

      • phideauxe

        ….and less cow.



    • Meh

      She should be easy to find…

    • bunedoggle

      I would. Definitely.

      • KeyserSoze

        every day of the week and twice on Sunday…

      • Zach


    • Gutterville

      She needs to lose 100lbs and she wil be just another chivette

    • Gaz

      YA RLY

    • Del

      rattle rattle here come the cattle…..

    • Robert Plant

      YES! Find her, and chain her fat ass to a salad bar.

    • jeremy

      #17.. hell yea!!!!

      • truth

        fat ass bitch

  • Pauly D


    • drewscriver

      Indeed. First douche to post. Congratulations.

      • Pauly D

        i highly doubt that. this is the chive after all: safe-haven for douches everywhere.

        • JstevensF

          I think you're confusing The Chive with "the internet"

  • moar

    chive, if you value our relationship you will find #1 and #14 … POST HASTE!

    • Zoey

      I love it that you used "post haste"! I thought I was the only one who used that word!
      BTW, it is actually one word: "posthaste" It looks weird though, I'll agree. You could probably get away with post-haste too.

      • oh4fuckssake

        You're cute for a nerd.

        • ROK247

          you two should hook up forthwith

        • Zoey

          to quote professor Frink, NERD stand for "Not Even Remotely Dorky"!

          • miliano2.0

            The fact the you both use the word posthast and corrected his use of it was cute. The fact that you quoted Professor Frink makes you even cuter.

          • rodan303


    • Murry
      • hMMMM

        If that is her, this picture is her best. By far.

      • four

        nope. the girl in the link has a nose ring, #1 doesn't.

  • Rodd Hungwell

    #2 I love rainbows

    • toban

      pot of gold under the rainbow? no just me. ok then.

      • please

        Taste the Rainbow

    • Dirty Dingus

      I'm thinking that she's a popular nude model, can't place the name though.

  • JSK

    First off #7 are all Swedish girls that hot also MOAR of #16

    • Sn can
      Other cuties here to

      Cafe Lu waitress

    • Sn can

      I think her name is Bboygigi Quynh Ly – the Cafe Lu waitress

    • Anjin-San

      Ok, so anyone who lives in California must go to that cafè to make her discover the chive.
      So that she'll start posting her pics to become the Chivette of next week.
      and the week after next week
      and the week after this and that week
      and forever and ever chivette of the week.

      I'd do that by myself but I'm in Italy right now, so i'm a bit too far…

      come on California guys, do this for your country
      and for Vietnam
      and for the old Europe
      and for Mars

      Chive on

      • Ned Foster

        get a life.

        • derp

          Yeah Anjin-san, live your life the way Ned wants you live it. After all, it's all about Ned. ALL HAIL NED!!!

    • xman72

      #16 is from a place in Orange County CA called CAFE LU. You should see the rest of the girls.

  • Just Sayin'

    #27 rebecca black?

    • josh


    • AnyoneForCoffee

      There were three visions stood together on Top Gear last week. Did anyone grab a photo?

    • truth

      she looks white to me. her tan isn't even that great

  • HandsomePirates

    #13 = Sarah Underwood i think. Was in Playboy, now on AOTS. Dream girl status

    • asdasd

      Duckface, fake boobs, cocktease, the bad kind of blond…
      Do not want…

      • dash

        your loss i'll take her

      • Robert Plant


    • Raptor1720

      You are correct!! Sara Jean Underwood.

      • pquint160

        Too bad she got implants. She had some nice perky ones!

    • Ian

      Its def. Sara Underwood AOTS showed this pic a couple days back.

    • ILikeTurtles

      If you check out her twitter profile you will see she it is a picture of her in the same hat and bikini.
      This is here twitter account

    • Solo

      fuck that. backwards baseball caps are worse than duckfaces.

    • Jim Jone Review

      Most Overrated Women of 2011, # 44 Sarah Jean Underwood

      We never, ever thought we would say this, because we used to be in lust with SJU, but her recent foray into the world of breast enhancement and plastic surgery mixed with her taking over the job of the woman I had ranked #7 on this list last year means the infatuation is pretty much over. It probably breaks her heart. Sorry you had to find out like this, Sara Jean.

      • icya

        Let's hear it for Copy/Paste! That wonderful thing makes it so easy to avoid saying anything on our own!

      • huh

        So according to this review, Sarah took over for Olivia as co-host of AOTS? Get your facts straight. She's not doing Olivia Munn's old job.

        • ORFIHG

          that's all you could could come up with? dork

          • huh

            Yeah, you're right. I'm the dork because I know what she does on the show. I guess any blog/magazine writer shouldn't check facts before writing an article. Just throw some shit out there and people will believe it, right?

        • uh huh

          yeah, 'cause that's way more important than the fact the chick's face and chest is made of plastic.

          • huh

            You're right, she's totally ugly now and men find her completely undesirable. Who cares what she's done to herself. She still looks sexy as all hell to me. If the girl in no. 17 is more to your liking…go right ahead.

    • keoni slice


    • CthulhuReigns

      Absolutely and completely Sara Jean Underwood! IMO, Playboy kinda ruined her, but you should check out her shoots from '06/'07. They're nice.

    • Guest

      Was her twit pic over the 4th of July weekend

  • anonymity

    2 is iga wyrwal aka eva wyrwal and has been found numerous times already

  • sniggi

    didn't we already figure out #23?

    • @WeBidSupport

      shes Kimbyr Leigha

      • Biz02

        Also known as White Buffalo on

        • That guy


    • Jessi
      • Jessi

        Ops Jennifer Stano is Kimbyr Leigha.

  • XOS2

    #5 is my choice of the group…

    • oldboy

      AGREED!!! OMG

    • clint beastwood

      looks like adrianna lima to me.

    • @soy_LG

      Seconded – that body is absolutely perfect.

    • CharloV

      Sarah K Barton

  • Captain Obvious

    #2 Here's your moar:

    • Dapper_Dave

      Thank you and you're awesome

    • anon

      NSFW BTW

  • the_chiller

    #17 Please, don't do it…there are waaay more important girls to find!

    • panama99

      Go to the nearest McDonalds or hotdog stand and you should see her….

    • yep

      Pretty much anyone that gave that comment a thumbs down can't get with an in-shape woman. Oh well, fatties need love too and if you live in the U.S. you have plenty to pick from!

    • usoagain

      This girl isn't fat, stop hatin. She's just big bone, a little chubby, yes, but not fat.

      • truth

        what's the difference between chubby and fat? she's a slob. period

  • Maria

    Isn't #13 Sara Underwood?

    • truth

      Yes. Found everywhere.

    • Justin


  • um_yeah

    #22 For the love of GOD!!! PLEEEEEAAASE find her!

    • Mick

      She's at the Voodoo Lounge in Vegas in the picture. With $1500 bottle service it looks…

    • Myke

      YES PLS!!!

      • 808s

        actually no thats Pure Nightclub with a bottle of red wine (rare)

  • Fisheyes

    #11 on the left. So hot!

    • Mike

      She was on the Real World… Shavon or some BS Like that..

      • Randy

        I think they were both on the Real World… Trisha or some BS Like that..

        • ORNF

          shut the fuck up.

    • ejaculASIAN

      they were both on real world. real world sydney or some BS Like that…

  • Sean R Parnell

    #13 is Sarah Underwood for sure. She posted that picture on her twitter a couple of week ago when she was on vacations.

    • Erik von Markovik

      I'd bet my callused right hand on it

      • Johnny_Dizzle

        Yup! It's her. Soooo hott!

  • yoru

    According to Google, #29 is Megan Cohen from Columbia University.

    • Calvin

      You rock and roll all night, and party every day!

    • Evan Kristiansen

      "interested in men and women" hah

    • keep it real

      Come on, that can't be her. She only has 150 facebook friends. Hot girls have way more than 150 facebook friends.

      • Ashton

        I know her.. her name is Caitlyn Neff.

        #14 #29

        • LOONY

          Way off man. Thats not even close.

        • Anon
          • LOONY

            How did she get rid of her freckles. Still calling bullshit and saying its not her. To be honest I dont think they even look the same

            • DUJ

              its called makeup

              • Ashton

                Dude, I'm telling you..I know her. It's her. She still has freckles too.

          • anon

            she's got tattoos on her left arm on the flickr account. not so much in #14

            • #14 and #29 Caitlyn Neff! She is my sister. The picture is old. She still has freckles (obviously) you just can't see them in all of her Facebook pictures. she has a sleeve on her left arm now and she doesn't have the lip ring anymore.


            • hMMMM

              much thinner in this picture too. Looks to be a different body type, although there are similarities in the face, and the eyes look the same…

              AHHH I don't know…

    • Josh Haddix

      All i know, is that is a fake profile, no female that looks like that, only has 151 friends. End of discussion.

      • 4 chan admin

        are people really that sad and pathetic? what am i saying? it's the internet. of course they are.

    • @estebancamacho

      she's a pornstar!, name is jana miartusova…

  • SJW

    #13 Is this not Sara Jean Underwood?

    • nojoke420

      I believe that it is

    • JDubs

      Yes, look at her twitter account. Plus Sports Illustrated Hot Clicks had it two weeks ago

  • Slim

    #11 were two of the girls from Real World: Sydney

    • Phil

      Right you are, I thought they looked familiar

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #17 is hot. MOAR

    • The Professor

      gross. this is not the place for fat chicks

      • @The_Scofield_

        You're a douchebag.

        • truth

          let him have an opinion. you're a douche for attacking him

          • rise above

            so now truth gets thumbs down for saying a person can express an opinion? what a bunch of shallow, hypocritical trolls some of you must be

            • The Chivery

              No. Just Chivers. Being intolerant of alternate opinions is what we do. Chive on!

              • alsothetruthteller

                Then chivers are indeed stupid

    • Tito

      No, she's not.

      • truth

        need help with relative terms? look at her. she's huge.

    • KUI

      What's that, bovinephilia?

    • equalizermax

      NOo Way!

    • ickk

      Jeez people. We're lucky she's turned to the side. If this mess were turned around and we saw her from behind, that fat, cottage-cheese looking ass would have everyone screaming in horror. Her thighs are nearly twice the side as her head for fuck's sake.

      • ickk

        *size (not side)

        • TresselLovesTrannies

          You are obviously still a virgin and will be long after your mom finally kicks you out of the basement.

          • The Chivery

            Of course he's a virgin(or sexual loser), or he wouldn't be a Chiver. Chive on!

          • truth

            because he doesn't settle for a girl the size of a house? great logic. please don't become a lawyer

  • Mahoney21
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