Is this the mysterious masked Chivette? (4 Photos)

Let me preface this by saying that I obviously know the identity of most of the Chivettes who submit to Sexy Chivers. This case is a little different due mostly to a clerical error on my part. This Chivette's email was accidentally deleted after I received her submission. Shit happens. And so the mysterious masked Chivette from the Sexy Chivers two weeks ago remains, well, a mystery.

But we may have a lead. One of our Chivers is convinced he knows the mystery girl and has sent in a few photos. Her name is Sarah. If Sarah, or the Chivette pictured, contacts me to confirm, I'll be sure to relay it on to y'all.

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  • Patches

    I just hope she truly is different and doesn't now send in some trashy half-naked pic like the rest of the chivettes.

  • Tom Tarvid

    the person going with the clothes is correct… regardless of two blondes who hunt and being worthy chivettes… the hat more than anything – fits it's comfortable it's a part of you… you have two different women

  • Ocean Beach Blake

    I think those are Nugent's daughters. Way hotter than Billy Ray's daughter. Either way win win

  • Steve

    If she's a fan of Palin or Bachman I don't care how good looking she is.

  • gdm426

    i don't think that's her. i've said it since this pic was first posted, it's S.E. Cupp


    some more incredible photos
    thank you

  • Garrett

    i was really afraid it was going to be sarah palin

  • needs better

    the real question is: who cares??

  • Booyah1208

    There is nothing sexier than a woman in CAMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steven

    Probab-fucking-ly, great job, cracking cases for Scotland yard next?

  • DaveF

    #4 – After having leaped down upon it, ninja-style, from a tree, "Sarah" is seen here giving the bird a devastating Judo-chop to the larynx.

  • Chivin' from CO

    If she's not the mystery Chivette, I don't care, I'd still love to see her sitting next to me in my truck 🙂 Either way I think we need to see moar Chivettes who love outdoor sports! On a side note, I wouldn't bother comparing the clothing, avid hunters tend to have a closet full of gear!

  • eilki

    Q: What makes her different?

    A: The inability to spell the word different.

  • Kyle Davidson

    Who really gives a shit, shes not even that hot

  • Alan


  • Alex

    Finally…the kind of chivette I like

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