• Anon

    Don't encourage my wife, she already loves corgis too much!

    • Lokobo

      Yea and pigs can fly….Impossible to love corgis too much.

  • AnonFD

    • PoppinFresh

      my thoughts exactly.

  • Honey Bone

    so awesome!

  • Kep

    This makes me miss my corgi..

  • http://twitter.com/Mad_Macs @Mad_Macs

    Our corgi rocks. Pretty smart for a dog.

  • jim halpert

    sneaky bastard

  • ProfessorJive

    Clever girl…

    • Bingo!

      SHOOT HER!

  • KenRayJen1

    thats why Ein is the best Data dog ever

    • guy

      NIce… sweet refernce

    • poopie

      love it

  • Graham

    Couldn't help but think this would've been better if it had been set to some theme music. Maybe

    for example. Just an idea.

    • Tomas

      queue: Theme from Mission: Impossible. B)

  • JacksonMcNasty

    These dogs are smarter than the Casey Anthony jurors

    • Matthew

      hilarious comment linking a dog video and the justice system above. May we all bask in his intelligence.

      • JacksonMcNasty

        hilarious comment, being sarcastic about how hilarious someone else is. May we all bask in your originality

        • Matthew

          we shall.

          • black27696


            • scharfy

              Hey Mom, look! I'm basking! I'm baaaaaaaasking!!

              • bigdeal

                lol delight

  • Dr3xell

    Wow! That was some intense team work!

  • Coldzilla

    Be breakin the bitches out!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.prack Jonathan Prack
  • michaeledmondsjr

    My dog Conrad (Lab/Dachshund mix who has been trying to get on TheChive for weeks now) has an abnormally long tongue, and he's figured out how to use it to unlock both latches from inside his kennel. Security FAIL.

    • Bingo!

      Tongue or GTFO

  • Paulo

    Smart dogs! XD

  • konaehukai

    Nice! Dogs rule.

  • Pissed Off Badger

    That dog deserves the dog equivalent of the medal of honor for that brave rescue

  • whoLetTheDogsOut!

    Open cage – walk away, bitch goes free…. Like a Boss!!

  • Headfade


  • sarah

    And this is why corgis are the best!

  • Djblue

    lol, i love how the one just opens it and walks away "ok, I did the hard part, you gotta open the door yourself" 🙂

  • NotParis

    Corgi's are too smart! Don't get one if you want them to stay in a kennel!

  • Justin D.

    I love corgis. They are considered among the smarter dog breeds. I can't wait to get one of my own.

  • yourmother

    anybody who keeps a dog in a cage in their house can go kill themselves like wtf

  • Christian Lander

    Stuff White People Like # 53, Dogs

    A lot of cultures love dogs – be it for entertainment, labor, or other. But white people love dogs on an entirely different level.

    It should be understood that in white culture, dogs are considered training for having children. That is to say that any white couple must get a dog before they have kids. This will prepare them for responsibility by having another creature to feed, supervise it’s bathroom activities, and to love. Because of this, white people generally assume that their dog is their favorite child unless otherwise stated.

    When actual children are born, the dog is not displaced but rather remains as the most important member of the household. This is because of the fact that white children will eventually hate their parents, but dogs will love anyone who feeds them.

    White people generally believe that dogs have human emotions and that they are capable of loving certain TV shows, films, and music. “Buster just loves watching Six Feet Under!” Even though most dogs would enjoy watching Hitler if he were getting attention every time it came on the TV.

    They also believe that their dogs share similar tastes in food – “Little Ben Kweller likes the Organic food the best.” Forgetting the fact that dogs enjoy eating their own feces, and pretty much anything that falls onto the floor.

    When searching for homes, many white people will require large yards so that their “dog can run around.” If you work in real estate, this can be exploited for large markups when selling to white people.

    It is also a proven fact, that dogs are often used by white people to attract members of the opposite sex. Bringing a puppy or dog to a local dog park, will encourage interaction and conversation. Even more so than a Mac Laptop.

    If white people are ever talking about their dogs, it is essential that you reassure them that their dogs are absolutely special and unique. That they are being properly cared for, and that treating like children is the only way to care for a pet. Under no circumstance EVER should you say anything that is derogatory towards dogs, critical of spoiling dogs, or that they are not full members of society who deserve the same rights as humans. Doing any of these three things will completely destroy all relationships you might have had with a white person.

    • fibonacci5150

      I fuckin listen Christian Lander, and I fuckin learn

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