The Trimaran Adastra Superyacht: Accept no substitute (15 HQ Photos)

The Adastra took more than five years to design. It is over 42.5 meters (139.4 ft) long yet has been made to be light weight enough that is is relatively fuel efficient. You might wonder what a monster like this yacht sells for and that would be a great question, unfortunately, I don’t know. But I imagine it’s just ever so slightly out of my price range.


  • BentWrenches

    Opulence, I has it

  • Craig

    Sorry, but furnishings from IKEA?

  • Coldzilla

    ** adds to Xmas list **

  • E.V.L.

    Beautiful design!
    If anyone is interested, the technical specs and a few more pictures can be found here:

  • Dr3xell

    Looks cool! Not very spacious though considering most of the other multi million dollars yachts.

  • Calin Chifor

    agree with specv44, the world is going to hell and those responsible are the only ones capable of buying these types of shit.

    • specv44

      'tis true, 10% of the population controls 90% of the wealth…

      • specv44

        where the hell did I say I would sit on it? Im fairly certain I would spend it, but not on a fucking boat. I build things, be-it a go kart, or a truck, or a building, I too would be putting people to work just in different ways. Read shit before you start calling people names.

        • jason_in_pc

          nevermind, i retract my comments man, all but this one.
          you look like a dick w/out my help.

          • Pedrosa

            your mom looks like a dick without your help….

    • ImpressMe

      boo hoo….wah wah wah….. grow up and quit whining about people who have more than you….. you just look like a jealous little hater.

      • jjedjt

        you tell him to grow up, then use the word "hater"?

  • Kodos

    anything higher than force 5 seas and that thing is history…

    • Jim

      You really think these rich people are going to cruise in their yachts if there's so much as a chance of a severe storm?

  • top dog

    #4, If I only had the money….one can dream.

  • DrInsane2U

    how long if I worked at McDonalds before I can buy it cuz I will get off my ass an get a job for one

  • Bob

    #1 I want one, why should only rich bastards have all the fun?

  • Bob

    I bet that costs about a half a buck.

  • Ryecrash

    Number One, make it so!

  • Tony

    #13 Stripper pole? Good call.

  • matt

    Looks like a Wallypower boat. Nice!

  • Da Sandman



    cool very very cool

  • Rick

    Lets play price is right!!!

    I'd say about 189,000,000.00
    please let us know when you find out.

  • ZombieBootParty

    Shuttle "Tiberian" requesting permission to land.
    "It's an older code, but it checks out."

  • Anonymous

    nice! sadly i can afford it either

  • waltgator

    nice! sadly i cant afford it either!

  • Monk

    I'm with you. Well, I probably would buy it if I had the money, but sell it after a month or two and do something more useful with the money. 😉

  • Logan

    You call that super yacht? Thats like a mini yacht compared to what I've seen.

  • Jim

    It's ugly, and there's no reason to have that much of a beam. It'll just make life hell for any marina that has to accommodate it.

    • Maytrix

      Glad to see I'm not alone in thinking its ugly. I really find nothing appealing about it.

  • Salute my shorts

    Anyone remember Thunder in Paradise? Yeah this is probably better that Bru's boat.

  • Anonymous

    This is reported to have cost $42.5M to build

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